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Al Gore
George W. Bush
Pat Buchanan
Ralph Nader

Harry Browne
Howard Phillips
John Hagelin
(Natural Law)

Dick Cheney
Joe Lieberman
Winona LaDuke
Ezola Foster

Budget & Economy
Civil Rights
Families & Children
Foreign Policy
Free Trade & Immigration
Government Reform
Gun Control
Health Care
Juvenile Crime
Principles & Values
School Choice
Social Security
Tax Reform
Welfare & Labor

Withdrawn Candidates
Alan Keyes
Exited GOP race, July 2000
John McCain
Exited GOP race, Mar. 2000
Bill Bradley
Exited Dem.race, Mar. 2000
Steve Forbes
Exited GOP race, Feb. 2000
Gary Bauer
Exited GOP race, Feb. 2000
Donald Trump
Exited Reform race, Feb. 2000
Orrin Hatch
Exited GOP race, Jan. 2000
Bob Smith
Exited GOP race, Oct. 1999
Elizabeth Dole
Exited GOP race, Oct. 1999
Dan Quayle
Exited GOP race, Sept. 1999
Lamar Alexander
Exited GOP race, Aug. 1999
John Kasich
Exited GOP race, July 1999
Paul Wellstone
Exited Dem.race, Jan. 1999

Senate Races

(AZ,R) Kyl
(CA,D) Feinstein
(CT,D) Lieberman
(CT,R) Green
(DE,R) Roth
(HI,D) Akaka
(IN,R) Lugar
(MA,D) Kennedy
(MA,L) Howell
(MD,D) Sarbanes
(ME,R) Snowe
(MI,R) Abraham
(MN,R) Grams
(MO,R) Ashcroft
(MS,R) Lott
(MS,I) Giles
(MT,R) Burns
(ND,D) Conrad
(NM,D) Bingaman
(NY,D) Clinton
(NY,R) Lazio
(NY,W) Giuliani
(OH,R) DeWine
(PA,R) Santorum
(RI,R) Chafee
(TN,R) Frist
(TX,R) Hutchison
(UT,R) Hatch
(UT,L) Dexter
(VA,D) Robb
(VT,R) Jeffords
(WA,R) Gorton
(WI,D) Kohl
(WV,D) Byrd
(WY,R) Thomas
Other races coming soon!

Book Excerpts
(Candidate quotations organized by topic)

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Gay Rights

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Social Security


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Families & Children
Foreign Policy
Free Trade & Immigration
Gay Rights
Gun Control
Social Security
Tax Reform
Term Limits

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    MA Columbia University, PhD Indiana University
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    MPP Harvard University
Cathy D. Wanzo, content editor, Senate races
    MPA Harvard University
Dr. Catherine A. Womack, content editor, Vice Presidential races
    MA, Univ. of S.C.; PhD, MIT
Paul Hrabal, VoteMatch manager
    Proprietor of
Jan Innes, graphic designer
Matthew Handlemam & Vlad Koval, technical staff
Volunteer Staff
Jeff Rushing, GOP candidates
Alan K. Jansen, Libertarian Party candidates
Dr. Travis Kidd, Constitution Party candidates
Paul Wilson, Natural Law Party candidates
Tony Santini, Green Party candidates

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Press Clippings & Awards

The Wall Street Journal:
Watching the Web
byAndrea Peterson
Thursday, Aug. 17, 2000 (p. B14)
Through the din of convention speeches and campaign photo opportunities, it can be tough to figure out exactly where the politicians stand on the issues. This site, produced by a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization, gives details on the voting patterns and beliefs of each presindetial, vice-preisdential and Senate candidate. Issues2000 culls its information from a variety of sources, including candidates' voting records, transcripts of television interviews and newspaper clippings.

Curious about vice-presidential candidate Dick Cheney's views on education? This site pulls up eight different citations, such as quotes from former Defense Secretary Cheney's speech accepting the Republican vice-presidential nomination. There are also details about his votes while a Congressman in the 1980s against funding for the Head Start program for preschoolers and in favor of grants for low-income schools. If you are passionate about one specific issue, you can also search by issue and see how the candidates stack up against one another.

Though very thorough, this site isn't updated often enough to reflect daily changes. In a search for "school choice," for example, Issues2000 still says Democratic vice-presidential candidate Joseph Lieberman supports giving vouchers to help parents pay for private school. The site even gives the views of fringe candidates such as John Hagelin, who is running for president from the Natural Law Party.

Harry Browne's Campaign Journal #14
Thursday, May 18, 2000
I notice that Issues2000 ( has an extremely informative website covering issues and candidates. They have an extensive compilation of my views on various issues -- culled from a number of sources, including quotes from Why Government Doesn't Work. They have similar coverage for the leading candidate of each of the other parties. There also are forums in which visitors can discuss each candidate.
Encyclopedia Brittanica, Feb. 1, 2000: "Our editors have selected your site as one of the best on the Internet when reviewed for quality, accuracy of content, presentation and usability."
USN&WR US News & World Report, Jan. 24-31, 2000 review of (our site in general):
"View candidates' recent quotations on 23 major issues at this information-rich, plain-jane site, which also offers detailed backgrounders on each topic."
USN&WR US News & World Report, Jan. 24-31, 2000 review of (our VoteMatch quiz):
"A 20-question quiz, covering such topics as abortion and immigration, matches you with your soulmate among the nine leading presidential candidates. The answers also map your political personality, such as 'authoritarian' or 'liberal populist.'"
Planet_Click Click of the Day award, Jan. 13, 2000
Our VoteMatch quiz is rated 10.0 on a scale of 1 to 10. Their review:
"I've never found another site like this! You answer a series of questions, and then the computer matches you with the 2000 presidential candidate who most closely matches your views on issues of personal freedom, domestic, and foreign policy issues. You then can click on the candidates to find a detailed profile about them. A good way to examine your own stance on issues and find out how other candidates feel about those issues."
Associated Press article, Dec. 23, 1999
Plethora of Web sites on political scene
by Douglas Kiker
(as reported in the Bergen Record,
Bergen County, NJ, 12/24/99)
WASHINGTON -- Are you curious about which political candidate your neighbor or boss gives money to? How about the fate of that school bond referendum in California? Want to watch videotape of the presidential candidates discussing Social Security reform? Just use your mouse to find out, because politics -- like almost everything else -- is flooding cyberspace....

    Web sites thatprovide a variety of political information:
  • information on electeions and candidates from all states
  • news, campaign fund-raising information, poll results, issue forums.
  • provides 90-second, campaign-supplied video footage of the presidential candidates discussing various issues.
  • focused on Congress.
  • reviews presidential candidates' positions on issues.
CSotD Conservative Site of the Day, Dec. 3-5, 1999.
"It's not a conservative web site, but one that is of great interest to all... track the stands on issues of all the candidates... Republican, Democrat, Libertarian and everyone else"
World Net Daily
"It's the Issues, Stupid" by Lisa Ronthal, Sept. 7, 1999
"At the admirably practical site Issues 2000 you can research and compare the various presidential candidates according to their positions on the issues that matter most to you...."
eCOLOGY eCOLOGY award, Oct. 1999
Your Source for Environmental Links
YPA Young Politicians of America award, Nov. 1999.
YPA was founded to expand the democratic experience to the youth of our society. Their goal is to further democracy, participation in government, and good citizenship.

Supporter List

Abe & Janice MishelTeaneck, NJ
Alexis & Clare SiskaActon, MA
B. Ruth & O. Dean BaconHarrah, OK
Dan & Irma TeittinenPlattsburgh, NY
Deborah SteinWatertown, MA
Jeff & Pam ByersSan Francisco, CA
Jeff RushingAtlanta, GA
Jim BertholdBogota, NJ
Matthew HandelmanNorth Andover, MA
Julien Andre GordonCambridge, MA
Kim GoldbergSanta Cruz, CA
Micayla & Spike WiltonCambridge, MA
John SackowiczColorado Springs, CO
Peter & Chrissy CovellGreat Neck, NY
Peter Hoerr & Jamie LeightonRandolph, MA
Rebecca LoweHouston, TX
Ron & Michele GordonNew York, NY
Scott & Miriam LawrenceHartford, CT
Susan Baker & Tom BauerSan Francisco, CA
William Palin CookeMadison, WI

Link List

Other web sites for whom provides content
Content provider for
GoVote's issues pages:
Bradley on the issues
Buchanan on the issues
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Gore on the issues
Keyes on the issues
McCain on the issues
Content provider for
GoVote's issues pages:
Bradley on the issues
Buchanan on the issues
Bush on the issues
Forbes on the issues
Gore on the issues
Keyes on the issues
McCain on the issues
VoteMatch political quiz assists with content for

The network of sites led by expert guides's Election2000 issues pages:
Bauer on the issues
Bradley on the issues
Browne on the issues
Buchanan on the issues
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Phillips on the issues is the content provider for
Virtual Jerusalem's Election2000 issues pages:
Civil Rights
Health Care
Partial content provider for
Election 2000: Making the "Right" Choice
Republican voter guide
(see "Election Links")
Republican voter guide
Bauer on the issues
Bush on the issues
Forbes on the issues
Keyes on the issues
McCain on the issues
Hatch on the issues
"Politics Everyone Can Enjoy"
Featured link for issues coverage
The Issues "Have Fnu"
Biographies of presidential candidates (and others)
Featured link for issues coverage
Alan Keyes
New Hampshire Public Radio Coverage of NH Presidential Primary
Featured link for issues coverage
Netizens for Bradley The Unofficial Bill Bradley for President Grassroots Network
(under "Campaign/Candidate Info")
Hennepin County (Minnesota) Library Recommended political campaign sites
"Issues 2000 features presidential candidates and their stands on a variety of issues. The site can be searched by candidate (including those who have dropped out of the race) and by issue. The site also includes dates for the first presidential primaries." "Survey Shows Presidential Candidate's Views Vary Widely on Climate Change and the Kyoto Protocol"
(Issues citation) Citations from candidates' views on Environment
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