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Al Gore Joe Lieberman (Dem.) John Hagelin (Natural Law) Steve Forbes Donald Trump
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Al Gore on Government Reform
Click here for 33 full quotes OR click here for 29 older headlines OR click here for 20 headlines about Labor Policy OR click here for Al Gore on other issues.
  • Regulatory style: smaller & smarter govt, but stronger regs. (Oct 31)
  • Promises weekly open meeting as President. (Oct 30)
  • I don’t ever want to see another era of big government. (Oct 25)
  • Spending increase? “Absolutely not”; balance every budget. (Oct 17)
  • Were you better off 8 years ago than you are now? (Oct 17)
  • Supreme Court should interpret Constitution. (Oct 3)
  • Decreased fed workforce by 300,000; won’t increase by 20,000. (Oct 3)
  • Use historic surplus to balance budget and help middle class. (Oct 3)
  • Puerto Rico: Back statehood if majority votes for it. (Sep 20)
  • Open meetings to stay in touch with every-day people. (Aug 18)
  • Supported “PAC participation in the political process”. (Mar 3)
  • Supreme Court nominees should interpret the Constitution. (Mar 1)
  • No controlling legal authority“ for White House calls. (Mar 1997)
  • We distrust our government; but want it in emergencies. (Sep 1995)
  • Performance-based pay for civil servants. (Jan 1999)

    Campaign Finance Reform

  • McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform will be first bill. (Oct 3)
  • Ban soft money and provide free broadcast time. (Sep 30)
  • Campaign finance reform will be very first bill to Congress. (Aug 18)
  • $7B public campaign finance fund. (Apr 16)
  • Full disclosure for lobbyists, donations, & issue ads. (Mar 27)
  • Calls for soft-money ban; but won’t unilaterally disarm. (Mar 11)
  • Free TV and radio for candidates during campaigns. (Mar 1)
  • Has supported bills like McCain-Feingold for 20 years. (Oct 1999)

    Reinventing Government

  • Pledges to add not one new federal position. (Oct 25)
  • Begin second phase of reinvention: shrink federal govt. (Oct 25)
  • In last 5 years, fed govt shrank; TX govt grew. (Oct 17)
  • Continue Reinvention: put everything federal on Internet. (Apr 25)
  • “Reinvention” caused some reform, but nothing fundamental. (Mar 3)
  • Continue “reinvention”, which has saved $137 billion. (May 1999)
  • Decentralization builds faith in government. (Jan 1999)
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey for feds. (Jan 1999)
  • Common sense government: focus on results & customers. (Sep 1995)
  • ReGo: downsize; streamline; restructure; & privatize. (Sep 1995)
David McReynolds on Government Reform
Click here for the full quote OR click here for David McReynolds on other issues.
  • Widen the range of views by including Socialists. (Sep 1999)
Dick Cheney on Government Reform
Click here for 8 full quotes OR click here for Dick Cheney on other issues.
  • Didn’t vote in local elections because his focus was global. (Sep 9)
  • Accused in 1992 House banking scandal. (Jul 26)
  • Co-sponsored Line Item Veto for spending bills. (Jan 1988)
  • Campaign reform: more parties; less unions & corporations. (Jan 1988)
  • Co-sponsored Balanced Budget Amendment & spending reform. (Jan 1986)
  • Co-sponsored House TV coverage & legislative openness. (Jan 1986)
  • Sponsored bill for line-item veto on budgetary proposals. (Jan 1985)
  • Voted for Congress salary cap; against Chrysler bailout. (Jan 1985)
Ezola Foster on Government Reform
Click here for 2 full quotes OR click here for Ezola Foster on other issues.
  • Government should stop meddling in people’s lives. (Aug 29)
  • Two-party system provides no real choice for Black Americans. (Oct 1995)
George W. Bush on Government Reform
Click here for 27 full quotes OR click here for 8 older headlines OR click here for 11 headlines about Tort Reform OR click here for George W. Bush on other issues.
  • Big government cannot be compassionate. (Nov 1)
  • Regulatory style: like Reagan, get government out of the way. (Oct 31)
  • Gore would be “obstacle in chief” to reform. (Oct 23)
  • Claim that Gore grows government not backed by history. (Oct 19)
  • We believe in people; they believe in government. (Oct 18)
  • Not enough money for all of Gore’s spending plans. (Oct 17)
  • Clinton/Gore haven’t gotten social programs done in 8 years. (Oct 17)
  • Strict constructionists on Supreme Court; not activists. (Oct 3)
  • Gore plan will lead to massive government and bureaucracy. (Oct 3)
  • Make govt citizen-centered, results-oriented & market-based. (Jun 9)
  • Restore cooperation with Congress, to accomplish more. (Jun 8)
  • Judges should be strict constructionists. (Apr 2)
  • Pay for tax cuts with cash, not corporate loopholes. (Jan 26)
  • Meet basic priorities, & return leftovers to taxpayers. (Jan 13)
  • No legislating from the bench-judges should just interpret. (Jan 6)
  • Term limits for state representatives and governors. (Jul 1998)
  • Reform the court system to serve people, not lawyers. (Feb 9)
  • Favors Tort Reform to make it harder to sue corporations. (Oct 1999)
  • No lawsuits on good-faith acts. (Jun 1999)

    Campaign Finance Reform

  • Ban soft money, but no public financing of elections. (Oct 3)
  • Ban some soft money; fewer restrictions on individuals. (Sep 30)
  • “Paycheck Protection”: no union-directed campaign donations. (Apr 2)
  • No government takeover of campaign finance. (Mar 27)
  • Full disclosure and no giving limits. (Mar 2)
  • No corporate or union soft money. (Feb 15)
  • Agrees to no negative ads; stop tearing each other down. (Jan 10)
  • Supports tweaking campaign finance rules. (Jul 1999)
Harry Browne on Government Reform
Click here for 13 full quotes OR click here for 4 older headlines OR click here for 43 headlines from Browne's book Why Government Doesn't Work OR click here for Harry Browne on other issues.
  • Won’t take FEC money; don’t force taxpayers to support him. (Sep 27)
  • Government always means use of coercion and use of force. (Sep 9)
  • Remove both campaign spending limits and donation limits. (Jan 13)
  • Reducing government promotes personal responsibility. (Jan 13)
  • Waco resulted from FBI’s predictable abuse of power. (Aug 1999)
  • Govt abuses of privacy results from power WE granted them. (Aug 1999)
  • So-called “Reforms” get incumbents re-elected. (May 1999)
  • Eliminate almost all Departments and agencies. (May 1996)
  • Supports term limits on House (6 yrs) & Senate (12 yrs). (May 1996)
  • Constitution gives people freedom FROM government. (Jul 1995)
  • Abolishing agencies only way to stop them from growing back. (Jul 1995)
  • Government Doesn’t Work. (Jul 1995)
  • Require shorter bills so legislators actually read them. (Jul 1995)
Howard Phillips on Government Reform
Click here for 10 full quotes OR click here for Howard Phillips on other issues.
  • Taking matching funds is stealing from taxpayers. (Sep 20)
  • Restore Constitutional accountability; enforce 10th Amend. (Sep 9)
  • Close NEA, NPR, CPB: funding “good works” corrupts them. (Sep 1999)
  • Abolish FEC; unlimited & disclosed campaign contributions. (Sep 1999)
  • Cut the federal government down to constitutional size. (Sep 1999)
  • Legislation is only for Congress, not federal agencies. (Sep 1999)
  • FEC reforms have corrupted politics: abolish FEC. (Sep 1999)
  • Federal programs invade our privacy. (Jan 1996)
  • Eliminate income tax & most federal taxes. (Jan 1996)
  • When govt usurps power, we are accountable. (Nov 1993)
John Hagelin on Government Reform
Click here for 7 full quotes OR click here for 3 headlines about Campaign Finance OR click here for John Hagelin on other issues.
  • Role of third parties is to widen debate. (Sep 17)
  • Supports holistic and pragmatic approach to government. (Aug 20)
  • End special interest control by shortening election process. (Apr 1)
  • Campaign finance: Public funding; ban PACs & soft money. (Jan 13)
  • Third parties with ballot access still barred from debates. (Nov 1999)
  • Congressional votes go to PACs that contribute the most. (Sep 1999)
  • Those currently in power arrange permanent power. (Sep 1999)
Joseph Lieberman on Government Reform
Click here for 4 full quotes OR click here for 16 headlines from Lieberman's book In Praise of Public Life OR click here for Joseph Lieberman on other issues.
  • Term limits result in weak government that governs poorly. (May 2)
  • Instead of “Is it legal?” pols should ask “Is it right?”. (May 2)
  • Using opponent’s personal details is wrong. (May 2)
  • Preserve the independent counsel law, with limits. (Mar 1999)
Pat Buchanan on Government Reform
Click here for 19 full quotes OR click here for 4 headlines about Labor Policy OR click here for Pat Buchanan on other issues.
  • Term limits and no pensions for congressmen. (Aug 6)
  • Establishment wants 2-party elections that change nothing. (May 30)
  • Will seek non-incumbent Democrat as Vice President. (Apr 13)
  • 15% requirement for debates is designed to exclude Buchanan. (Mar 20)
  • Terms limits and no pensions for members of Congress. (Dec 1999)
  • Administration staff take oath: never work for foreign gov’t. (Dec 1999)
  • Restore constitutional division of federal & state functions. (Oct 1999)
  • Enforce 10th Amendment; give federal powers to states. (Jul 1999)
  • No new regulations; restrict unfunded mandates. (Jun 1999)
  • Lobbying: Charge foreigners; 5-year ban on officials. (Jun 1999)
  • For Congress: yes term limits; no pensions; no franking. (Jun 1999)
  • Dismantle DOE, HUD, DOC, NEA, BLM, ATF, etc. (Jun 1999)
  • Dismantle federal agencies; give funds to taxpayers. (May 1999)
  • Judiciary should interpret laws, not rewrite them. (Mar 1999)

    Campaign Finance Reform

  • Limit corporate, out-of-state, and PAC money for campaigns. (Aug 6)
  • Reform package: Term limits; ballot access; disclosure. (Jun 3)
  • Ban soft money; end influence peddling. (Mar 17)
  • Require that 75% of donations come from candidate’s district. (Dec 1999)
  • Campaign Finance: limit outside $, PAC $, & corporate $. (Jun 1999)
Ralph Nader on Government Reform
Click here for 33 full quotes OR click here for 8 older headlines OR click here for 10 headlines from Nader's book, Cutting Corporate Welfare OR click here for Ralph Nader on other issues.
  • Bush & Gore are same corporate party; would impeach Clinton. (Nov 6)
  • Don’t waste your vote: Gore & Bush only marginally differ. (Oct 23)
  • Supreme Court nominees should have a sense of justice. (Aug 9)
  • Nader in debates will draw out the “priceless truth”. (Aug 9)
  • Justices need sense of justice & sense of history. (Jul 23)
  • Allow voting for “None of the Above”. (Feb 23)
  • Empower citizens via accurate information from govt. (Feb 21)
  • Reinvent democracy via new tools for citizen empowerment. (Feb 21)
  • Concentrated party power weakens democracy. (Feb 17)
  • Focus on anti-trust enforcement to help small business. (Oct 1996)
  • 100% publicly funded campaigns, by $100 tax checkoff. (Oct 1996)
  • Government delivers more service than people realize. (Dec 1995)

    Campaign Finance Reform

  • Green Party does not take PAC, soft, or corporate cash. (Oct 1)
  • No private money in public campaigns. (Aug 9)
  • Spending campaign money is not free speech. (Feb 23)
  • Public campaign finance; 12-year term limits. (Feb 21)
  • Public election financing, with free TV & radio time. (Feb 21)

    Corporate Welfare

  • Scrutinize even “good” corporate welfare which helps public. (Oct 9)
  • Corporate welfare is a function of political corruption. (Oct 9)
  • S&L bailout helped bankers & hurt consumers. (Oct 9)
  • Rules needed for examining & challenging corporate welfare. (Oct 9)
  • Disallow benefits to companies except for public purposes. (Oct 9)
  • Stadiums & other local tax abatements ignore small business. (Oct 9)
  • Federal regulation of state & local abatements & subsidies. (Oct 9)
  • Bailouts: require payback; practice prevention by regulation. (Oct 9)
  • Legislation to eliminate all corporate welfare. (Oct 9)
  • $1000 bounty for suing for abuse of corporate welfare. (Oct 9)
  • Big business influence hurts democracy. (Jun 25)
  • Corporate sponsorship turns debates into beer commercials. (Jun 20)
  • Corporate government has hijacked political leadership. (Feb 21)
  • States & the public should oppose corporate tax breaks. (Apr 1999)
  • Role of government is to counteract power of corporations. (Apr 1996)
  • Coined the term “corporate welfare”. (Jul 1995)
Winona LaDuke on Government Reform
Click here for 4 full quotes OR click here for 10 headlines from Nader's anthem, The Concord Principles OR click here for Winona LaDuke on other issues.
  • Sympathizes with voter apathy. (Jul 8)
  • Supports increased party choices for voters. (Jun 1)
  • Stop corporate funding of elections. (May 23)
  • Business funding of politics leads to political favors. (Apr 1997)


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