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George W. Bush on Abortion
Click here for 19 full quotes OR click here for 5 older headlines OR click here for 24 headlines on from Bush's Boston debate with Gore OR click here for other candidates on Abortion.
  • Accepts FDA approval of RU-486 but concerned about overuse. (Oct 3)
  • Ban partial-birth abortions, and reduce abortions overall. (Oct 3)
  • Find common ground where good people disagree. (Oct 3)
  • Aprroval of RU-486 is wrong. (Sep 29)
  • Good people can disagree; but let’s value life. (Aug 3)
  • Every child born and unborn ought to be protected. (Jun 5)
  • Welcome all children; supports adoption tax credits. (Apr 2)
  • Supports GOP abortion plank but disagrees on exceptions. (Feb 15)
  • No Republican will allow partial-birth abortion. (Feb 15)
  • Ideal: Value every life; but many steps to get there. (Jun 1999)
  • Supports Parental Notification Law for minor girls. (Jun 1999)
  • Ban partial-birth; ban taxpayer funding. (Mar 1999)
  • Encourage fewer abortions via adoption & abstinence. (Jul 1998)

    Supreme Court & Constitution

  • No litmus test; just strict constructionist interpretation. (Oct 3)
  • No tax money for abortion, but no Pro-Life Amendment either. (Sep 30)
  • No litmus test except strict Constitutional interpretation. (Aug 30)
  • Supreme Court is wrong: leave abortion to the states. (Jun 28)
  • No pro-life pledge; VP & judges will simply be qualified. (Jan 10)
  • Would support - but not pursue - a pro-life Amendment. (Jun 1999)
George W. Bush on Budget & Economy
Click here for 28 full quotes OR click here for 11 older headlines OR click here for 9 headlines on from Bush's Real Plans for Real People OR click here for other candidates on Budget & Economy.
  • Too much government spending will end prosperity. (Nov 1)
  • Despite prosperity, “It’s time for a change” in Washington. (Oct 26)
  • Claims of Gore’s spending are based on inflated figures. (Oct 18)
  • Claim of Gore’s 20,000 new bureaucrats is unlikely. (Oct 11)
  • Claim of 1/4 for important projects is overestimate. (Oct 11)
  • Prosperity results from entrepreneurship & ingenuity. (Oct 3)
  • Private sector responsible for economic boom. (Aug 13)
  • Make budget biennial; reinstate line-item veto; target pork. (Jun 9)
  • $46B in new spending on health, education, & defense. (Apr 13)
  • New Prosperity Initiative: remove obstacles to advancement. (Apr 11)
  • Federal government should stay out of the marketplace. (Dec 1999)
  • Simplify tax code to stimulate economic growth. (Apr 1999)
  • More job training; R&D tax credits. (Jul 1998)

    Budget Surplus

  • Surest way to bust economy is Gore’s enlarged government. (Oct 3)
  • Don’t let Gore bring back big government; 200 new programs. (Sep 28)
  • Bush’s budget: $265B left of surplus after 10 years. (Sep 5)
  • Gore: Feds spend surplus; Bush: taxpayers spend it. (Aug 22)
  • Spend $586B surplus on tax cuts, health, & defense. (Apr 30)
  • 10-year surplus: $2T Social Security; $1T debt; $1T tax cut. (Jan 26)
  • Use presidential power to get money away from Congress. (Jan 26)
  • Supports Balanced Budget Amendment. (Jul 1998)

    Oil & Energy

  • Clarify rules to allow for more nuclear power generation. (Oct 16)
  • Better to drill ANWR than import oil from Saddam Hussein. (Oct 3)
  • Replenish energy supplies with new domestic coal & pipelines. (Oct 3)
  • Use ANWR fees for alternative energy and home oil help. (Oct 1)
  • Look for oil in US rather than tap into emergency reserves. (Sep 21)
  • Explore ANWR; explore for gas; reduce foreign dependence. (Jan 26)
  • Wean from oil, via electric deregulation & natural gas. (Dec 1999)
George W. Bush on China
Click here for 12 full quotes OR click here for 8 older headlines OR click here for 9 headlines on about Farm Policy OR click here for other candidates on China.
  • Agrees with Clinton-Gore: PNTR for China. (May 17)
  • China NTR promotes freedom, security and economics. (May 17)
  • Maintain relations with both Taiwan & China. (Apr 2)
  • Defend Taiwan if China violates one-China policy. (Mar 2)
  • No strategic ambiguity: US will defend Taiwan against China. (Feb 26)
  • China is an American competitor, not a friend. (Feb 15)
  • Entrepreneurial China trade differs from totalitarian Cuba. (Jan 10)
  • WTO for both China & Taiwan; maintain Taiwan relations law. (Dec 1999)
  • China’s taste of freedom encourages capitalism’s growth. (Dec 1999)
  • Chinese nuclear spying will shift balance of power. (May 1999)
  • Reaction to espionage was not serious and not enough. (May 1999)
  • Cox Report warrants review of all export controls to China. (May 1999)
George W. Bush on Civil Rights
Click here for 23 full quotes OR click here for 11 older headlines OR click here for 6 headlines on about Affirmative Action OR click here for other candidates on Civil Rights.
  • Local control with consequences if racial profiling occurs. (Oct 11)
  • Condemns anti-Semitic comments of Dallas NAACP president. (Aug 9)
  • Enforce civil rights, reform education, help people achieve. (Jul 10)
  • $145M over 5 years for disabled transportation. (Jun 28)
  • Government should promote independence for the disabled. (Jun 15)
  • Apologizes for anti-Catholic appearance at Bob Jones U. (Feb 25)
  • Ten Commandments OK in schools for “inherent values”. (Jan 16)
  • Leave decisions on flying Confederate flag to the states. (Jan 7)
  • English-plus, not English-only. (Aug 1999)
  • State lottery OK, but qualms about casino gambling. (Jul 1999)

    Affirmative Action

  • Affirmative access means a fair shot for everyone. (Oct 25)
  • Affirmative access: qualified candidates guaranteed college. (Oct 17)
  • Affirmative access good; Gore’s affirmative action bad. (Oct 17)
  • Guaranteed TX college racial preference for top 10% of class. (Sep 30)
  • Affirmative access: end soft bigotry of low expectations. (Aug 1)
  • For affirmative action, but not quotas or preferences. (Apr 2)
  • Reach out to minorities, but without quotas. (Jun 1999)

    Gay Rights

  • Bush claims gay tolerance but record differs. (Oct 19)
  • Tolerance & equal rights, not gay marriage & special rights. (Oct 11)
  • No gay adoptions; but listens to gay GOP group. (Apr 24)
  • Against gay marriage, but leave it to the states. (Feb 15)
  • No gays in Boy Scouts. (Aug 1999)
  • Hate-crime rules don’t apply to gays. (Jul 1999)
George W. Bush on Crime
Click here for 21 full quotes OR click here for 15 older headlines OR click here for 6 headlines on about Three Strikes OR click here for other candidates on Crime.
  • Ignored Byrd hate crime bill despite plea by Byrd’s family. (Oct 13)
  • National hate crimes law OK, stricter enforcement better. (Oct 11)
  • Tough loves means consequences for committing crimes. (Sep 20)
  • Limit frivolous lawsuits to create entrepreneurial heaven. (Dec 1999)
  • Stop hurting business with excessive punitive damage awards. (Dec 1999)
  • Criminal rehabilitation by Prison Ministry after release. (Jun 1999)

    Death Penalty

  • Not proud that Texas has most executions. (Oct 17)
  • Death penalty for deterrence, not revenge. (Oct 17)
  • Death penalty decisions are profound, but made in 15 minutes. (Oct 16)
  • Death penalty for hate crimes like any other murder. (Oct 11)
  • Uphold law on death penalty; and think of the victims. (Jun 22)
  • Board of Pardons’ decision on Graham execution is just. (Jun 22)
  • 134 Texas executions are “fair and just”. (Jun 21)
  • Use DNA evidence for death penalty cases. (Jun 2)
  • Death penalty clemency for bad process, not for repentance. (Jan 7)

    Mandatory Sentencing

  • Miranda should be waived in some situations. (Jun 28)
  • Proud of eliminating parole for violent criminals. (Dec 1999)
  • Supports “two strikes” & registration for sexual criminals. (Dec 1998)
  • Supports victim notification laws and anti-stalking laws. (Dec 1998)
  • More searches and less parole for criminals. (Jan 1997)
  • Mandatory sentencing for repeat offenders. (Feb 1995)
George W. Bush on Defense
Click here for 25 full quotes OR click here for 15 older headlines OR click here for 9 headlines on about Nuclear Energy & Weapons OR click here for other candidates on Defense.
  • Bush’s stated military service record is incorrect. (Oct 31)
  • AWOL in Air Guard? Maybe not, but didn’t meet obligations. (Oct 31)
  • Military mission has become fuzzy. (Oct 17)
  • Opposed Somalia intervention when it became nation-building. (Oct 11)
  • Be world’s peacemaker instead of world’s policeman. (Oct 3)
  • Rebuild military so it can fulfill mission to prevent war. (Oct 3)
  • Redefine how war is fought and won. (Sep 7)
  • Bush says military not ready; Pentagon disagrees. (Aug 4)
  • Post-Vietnam: just cause; clear goal; overwhelming victory. (Aug 3)
  • Lowest possible number of nukes consistent with security. (May 28)
  • Post-Cold War: remove weapons & high-alert; build SDI. (May 24)
  • Deter terrorists by counterstrikes & counterintelligence. (Apr 2)
  • Use arms to defend Europe, Far East, Mideast, & Panama. (Feb 15)
  • Top-down review to decide which programs to cancel. (Jan 26)
  • US military is key to preserving world peace. (Apr 1998)

    Military Personnel

  • Spend money on soldiers before sending them to hot spots. (Oct 17)
  • Gays in military OK; “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” OK. (Sep 6)
  • Increase military pay to increase morale. (Aug 21)
  • Better equipment, better training, and better pay. (Aug 3)
  • $1B more for salary; $20B more for R&D for new weapons. (May 31)

    Missile Defense

  • SDI: think beyond Cold War, but convince Europe & Russia. (Aug 1)
  • SDI plan like Bush Sr.’s $63B GPALS & “Brilliant Pebbles”. (Jun 4)
  • Russia: jointly reduce missiles; but no joint SDI. (May 24)
  • SDI needed for defense against rogue states & terrorists. (May 23)
  • Develop SDI, even if we must breach ABM treaty. (Sep 1999)
George W. Bush on Drugs
Click here for 10 full quotes OR click here for other candidates on Drugs.
  • $2.8B more for Drug War, for state treatment & abroad. (Oct 7)
  • Clinton-Gore drug policy is inconsistent and has failed. (Oct 7)
  • Feds must help border counties fight drug traffickers. (Jun 7)
  • Supports military package to Colombia to fight drug supply. (Mar 5)
  • Stronger penalties for first time cocaine possession. (Mar 5)
  • Identifies with former addicts based on former alcoholism. (Jan 22)
  • Full background checks on drug use for all appointees. (Aug 1999)
  • Parents make up for past by warning kids against drugs. (Aug 1999)
  • Supports tough drug laws as well as drug education programs. (Dec 1998)
  • Encourages abstinence from tobacco, drugs or alcohol. . (Dec 1998)
George W. Bush on Education
Click here for 39 full quotes OR click here for 28 older headlines OR click here for 36 headlines on from Bush's book A Charge to Keep OR click here for other candidates on Education.
  • Soft bigotry of low expectations encourages failure. (Oct 17)
  • Blueprint: parental options; promote savings; zero-tolerance. (Sep 17)
  • Move Head Start to Education Dept., teach all kids to read. (Sep 1)
  • Poor kids can’t read; now is the time to teach them. (Aug 21)
  • End the soft bigotry of low expectations in our schools. (Aug 3)
  • “Silver Scholarships” for kids from seniors who volunteer. (May 20)
  • Character education grants & American Youth Character Awards. (Apr 20)
  • ‘Reading First’ confronts a national emergency. (Mar 28)
  • Freedom & flexibility in return for high standards & results. (Feb 23)
  • Zero toleration policy for discipline problems in schools. (Dec 1999)
  • If poor kids don’t learn, give school funds to parents. (Dec 1999)
  • Leave no child behind: reform Title I & Head Start. (Oct 1999)
  • Evolution & creationism both valid; let states decide. (Aug 1999)
  • Teachers’ unions obstacle to school innovation. (Apr 1999)
  • Teach values and moral responsibility in schools. (Apr 1998)


  • TX test score improvements not reflected on national tests. (Oct 25)
  • Federal role is funding & accountability; local innovation. (Oct 3)
  • Focus on responsibility and parents, not on federal spending. (Oct 3)
  • Improve education with local control, accountability. (Sep 25)
  • Hold schools accountable and teach character. (Sep 11)
  • If you get federal money, you must return measurements. (May 23)
  • Test every grade every year & publish results. (Apr 2)
  • Link block grants & vouchers to student testing. (Feb 29)
  • State should enforce standards, not micromanage schools. (Dec 1999)
  • Develop tests locally - no national tests. (Dec 1999)
  • Help failing students pass - without social promotion. (Mar 1999)


  • $25B over 10 years for reading, Pell Grants, & charters. (Oct 3)
  • $1.5B for state merit scholarships to college. (Aug 30)
  • $275M for pre-paid college tuition tax credits. (Aug 30)
  • $1800 more for Pell Grants; make college affordable. (Aug 30)
  • $1.3B to help students in college-prep math & science. (Jun 20)

    Education Spending

  • Feds give 6% of money; but 60% for “paperwork-filler-outer”. (Oct 17)
  • $310M for “impact aid” schools near military bases. (Aug 21)
  • $900M to improve Indian schools. (Aug 20)
  • $400M more for after-school programs, via block grants. (Jul 14)
  • $5B reading program; mixing phonics & literature. (Apr 2)
  • $2B for teachers; mandates are optional. (Apr 2)
  • $400 deductible when teachers spend own money on classrooms. (Apr 2)
  • Expand Education Savings Accounts to $5000 per year. (Oct 1999)
George W. Bush on Environment
Click here for 29 full quotes OR click here for 11 older headlines OR click here for 9 headlines on about Farm Policy OR click here for other candidates on Environment.
  • Texas has most out-of-compliance plants; but is improving. (Oct 16)
  • Work in partnership with states and landowners. (Oct 11)
  • Federal standards+local collaboration; no command & control. (Oct 11)
  • Replace mandate/regulate/litigate with decentralized efforts. (Sep 30)
  • Make Amtrak more efficient and competitive. (Sep 17)
  • Incentives for private land stewardship & conservation. (Jun 1)
  • Conservation partnerships to protect lands & watersheds. (Jun 1)
  • $60M for private stewardship; tax break on conservation land. (Jun 1)
  • Superfund failing: too costly; too litigious; too complex. (Apr 3)
  • Remove federal impediments to states’ clean energy. (Sep 12)

    Brownfields & Parks

  • $450M annually for wildlife and open spaces. (Sep 17)
  • $4.9B to repair “crumbling” national parks. (Sep 13)
  • 6-point plan for brownfield cleanup. (Apr 3)
  • Reinvest in Conservation Fund; repair parks & refuges. (Apr 2)

    Farm Policy

  • Don’t use food as a diplomatic weapon; it hurts farmers. (Oct 17)
  • Keep Freedom to Farm Act: cut price supports. (Sep 20)
  • Farm policy: emergency relief; insurance; antitrust. (Apr 2)
  • Family farms: Food for Peace instead of food as a weapon. (Jan 16)
  • Ethanol tax incentives good for farmers and good for air. (Nov 1999)

    Global Warming

  • Scientific consensus is that pollution causes global warming. (Oct 19)
  • Scientists are unsure about global warming. (Oct 11)
  • Kyoto Treaty puts too much burden on US. (Oct 11)
  • Drill ANWR and leave only footprints. (Oct 1)
  • Can’t sue our way to clean air & water--work with industry. (Apr 4)
  • Keep fed enviro role but give money & flexibility to states. (Apr 4)
  • Base enviro decisions on science & market-driven solutions. (Apr 2)
  • Keep drilling; keep dams; keep private property. (Apr 2)
  • Cooperate with industry, instead of lawsuits & regulations. (Nov 1999)
  • Opposes Kyoto treaty, ESA, & other intrusive regulations. (Nov 1999)
George W. Bush on Families & Children
Click here for 16 full quotes OR click here for 10 older headlines OR click here for 12 headlines on about Internet OR click here for other candidates on Families & Children.
  • Internet filters, ratings, & parental monitorinf for kids. (Oct 17)
  • Paying taxes hurts family time for middle class. (Sep 18)
  • Blueprint: Focus on community; adoption; fatherhood; safety. (Sep 17)
  • Teach our children the values that defeat violence. (Aug 3)
  • Fathers’ registry will promote involvement, responsibility. (Jul 17)
  • $75M to support veterans to mentor youth. (Jul 13)
  • $2.3 billion over 5 years for adoption & child welfare. (Jul 11)
  • Use Florida courts for Elian, not middle-of-the-night raids. (Apr 22)
  • Promote abstinence in schools and via churches. (Apr 2)
  • Leave no child behind, via improving schools & health care. (Jan 8)
  • More daycare funds; caseworkers; “Second Chance” homes. (Jun 1999)
  • Abstinence Ed should get funded as much as Sex Ed. (Jun 1999)
  • Appropriate to draw a moral line for children. (Jun 1999)
  • V-chip OK, but cultural changes are better. (May 1999)
  • Enforce child protection and child support. (Jan 1999)
  • Teach kids right (abstinence) and wrong (drugs & gangs). (Apr 1998)
George W. Bush on Foreign Policy
Click here for 42 full quotes OR click here for 7 older headlines OR click here for 9 headlines on about Nuclear Energy & Weapons OR click here for other candidates on Foreign Policy.
  • Bush says get out of Haiti; we’re already out. (Oct 19)
  • Vietnam: Trade better for human rights than sanctions. (Oct 18)
  • Supported force in Mideast & Balkans, not Haiti & Somalia. (Oct 11)
  • Calls on Arafat to pull back and make peace with Israel. (Oct 11)
  • Rwandan genocide: Training troops OK; intervening not OK. (Oct 11)
  • Africa’s important but not a priority; no nation-building. (Oct 11)
  • Keep troops in Korea & NATO; not in Haiti & Balkans. (Oct 11)
  • Puerto Rico: Back statehood if majority votes for it. (Sep 20)
  • Keep tradition of showing opposition to Castro. (Sep 11)
  • Will keep sanctions against Cuba. (Aug 25)
  • US will be a friend to Latin American democracies. (Aug 25)
  • Patrol borders, but also invest in Latin America. (Aug 25)
  • More trade with India; help out in East Timor. (Apr 2)
  • Africa: Rally world to help AIDS, but not with US funds. (Jan 10)
  • Honor Panama Canal treaty, but keep canal open. (Jan 7)
  • Texas governorship provides foreign policy experience. (Dec 1999)
  • Mexico: Free trade, but with more border patrols. (Oct 1998)


  • Bush compromises between internationalists and isolationists. (Oct 30)
  • Aid should encourage markets & reform; unlike Russian IMF. (Oct 11)
  • US should humbly empower other countries, not dictate. (Oct 11)
  • America should be a humble nation, but project strength. (Oct 11)
  • Vital interests: US or allies threatened; we can win & exit. (Oct 3)
  • US troops will never be under UN command. (Oct 1)
  • Less intervention abroad and unilateral nuclear cuts at home. (Sep 30)
  • Reform UN & IMF; strengthen NATO. (Apr 2)
  • Brokering peace requires diligence and patience. (Mar 15)
  • America should speak loudly and carry a big stick. (Dec 1999)
  • America should act as the leader of the free world. (Dec 1999)
  • Foreign policy with a touch of iron & a sharpened sword. (Nov 1999)


  • Arafat should limit protests; terrorists should pay a price. (Oct 15)
  • Iraq: Rebuild coalition to pressure Saddam. (Oct 11)
  • Reach out to moderate Arab nations. (Oct 11)
  • Israel’s capital should be in Jerusalem. (Aug 28)
  • Israel: America should be a stronger friend. (May 23)
  • Pressure Saudis to keep oil prices low. (Jan 26)


  • Chernomyrdin Commission: Gore ignored corruption. (Oct 13)
  • Chernomyrdin threatens to sue Bush for slander re corruption. (Oct 13)
  • Russia nukes: demand inventory; pay for dismantling. (Apr 2)
  • Russia funding: replace IMF loans with $ to people. (Apr 2)
  • Pressure Russia financially to ease up on Chechnya. (Apr 2)
  • Hopes Putin will stay committed to reform & democracy. (Mar 27)
  • Focus on Big Three: Russia, China, & India. (Dec 1999)
George W. Bush on Free Trade & Immigration
Click here for 18 full quotes OR click here for 6 older headlines OR click here for 9 headlines on about Farm Policy OR click here for other candidates on Free Trade & Immigration.
  • Don’t link trade to environment and labor. (Sep 30)
  • Sow free trade and farmers will reap. (Jan 7)
  • A free market promotes dreams and individuality. (Dec 1999)
  • Import fees are not the answer to foreign competition. (Dec 1999)
  • The fearful build walls; the confident demolish them. (Jun 1999)


  • Respect other languages, but teach all children English. (Nov 1)
  • $500M to cut INS application time to 6 months. (Jul 6)
  • Welcome Latinos; immigration is not a problem to be solved. (Jun 26)
  • Make INS more “immigrant friendly”. (Jun 26)
  • High tech: More H-1B worker visas; less export controls. (Apr 2)
  • Farm policy: Open markets abroad; more H-2A worker visas. (Apr 2)
  • Latinos enrich us; family values go past Rio Grande. (Feb 9)
  • More border guards to compassionately turn away Mexicans. (Dec 1999)
  • Guest workers, maybe; citizenship waiting period, yes. (Aug 1999)


  • Add Chile, Brazil, Argentina, & others to NAFTA. (Oct 31)
  • No trade barriers from Alaska to the tip of Cape Horn. (Apr 24)
  • Fast Track in west; WTO in east. (Apr 24)
  • Supports Fast Track; WTO; NAFTA; anti-dumping. (Apr 2)
George W. Bush on Government Reform
Click here for 27 full quotes OR click here for 8 older headlines OR click here for 11 headlines on about Tort Reform OR click here for other candidates on Government Reform.
  • Big government cannot be compassionate. (Nov 1)
  • Regulatory style: like Reagan, get government out of the way. (Oct 31)
  • Gore would be “obstacle in chief” to reform. (Oct 23)
  • Claim that Gore grows government not backed by history. (Oct 19)
  • We believe in people; they believe in government. (Oct 18)
  • Not enough money for all of Gore’s spending plans. (Oct 17)
  • Clinton/Gore haven’t gotten social programs done in 8 years. (Oct 17)
  • Strict constructionists on Supreme Court; not activists. (Oct 3)
  • Gore plan will lead to massive government and bureaucracy. (Oct 3)
  • Make govt citizen-centered, results-oriented & market-based. (Jun 9)
  • Restore cooperation with Congress, to accomplish more. (Jun 8)
  • Judges should be strict constructionists. (Apr 2)
  • Pay for tax cuts with cash, not corporate loopholes. (Jan 26)
  • Meet basic priorities, & return leftovers to taxpayers. (Jan 13)
  • No legislating from the bench-judges should just interpret. (Jan 6)
  • Term limits for state representatives and governors. (Jul 1998)
  • Reform the court system to serve people, not lawyers. (Feb 9)
  • Favors Tort Reform to make it harder to sue corporations. (Oct 1999)
  • No lawsuits on good-faith acts. (Jun 1999)

    Campaign Finance Reform

  • Ban soft money, but no public financing of elections. (Oct 3)
  • Ban some soft money; fewer restrictions on individuals. (Sep 30)
  • “Paycheck Protection”: no union-directed campaign donations. (Apr 2)
  • No government takeover of campaign finance. (Mar 27)
  • Full disclosure and no giving limits. (Mar 2)
  • No corporate or union soft money. (Feb 15)
  • Agrees to no negative ads; stop tearing each other down. (Jan 10)
  • Supports tweaking campaign finance rules. (Jul 1999)
George W. Bush on Gun Control
Click here for 18 full quotes OR click here for 2 older headlines OR click here for 11 headlines on about Tort Reform OR click here for other candidates on Gun Control.
  • If gun laws are broken, hold people accountable. (Oct 17)
  • First, enforce the law; then keep guns from wrong people. (Oct 11)
  • Restrict lawsuits against gun makers. (Sep 30)
  • Government should pay for voluntary trigger locks. (May 13)
  • Bush says Gore is more a member of NRA than Bush is. (May 5)
  • Agrees with Gore on trigger locks;but wants more enforcement. (Apr 21)
  • Project Sentry: juvenile gun laws & school accountability. (Apr 20)
  • Would sign, but would not push, gun restrictions. (Apr 14)
  • Ban automatic weapons & high-capacity ammunition clips. (Apr 2)
  • Best gun control is more prosecution & certain jail. (Dec 1999)
  • Supports gun ownership for protection and hunting. (Dec 1999)
  • $1.6M TX campaign, “Gun Crime Means Hard Time.”. (Sep 1999)
  • Raise legal age for guns to 21; ban certain ammo. (Aug 1999)
  • No child-safety locks on guns; concealed carrying ok. (Jun 1999)
  • No city lawsuits against gun manufacturers. (Jun 1999)
  • Gun restrictions OK within basic right to own guns. (May 1999)
  • Gun show checks OK; ban guns near schools & kids. (Apr 1999)
  • Assault weapon OK; waiting period not OK. (Apr 1999)
George W. Bush on Health Care
Click here for 41 full quotes OR click here for 19 older headlines OR click here for 15 headlines on about Medicare & Medicaid OR click here for other candidates on Health Care.
  • Claims that he supported patient rights in Texas is false. (Oct 18)
  • Absolutely opposed to a national health care plan. (Oct 17)
  • Give states money to help poor seniors buy medicine. (Oct 17)
  • Medical Savings Accounts part of affordable access & choice. (Oct 11)
  • Claims of immediate help are only true for poorer families. (Oct 11)
  • Invest $27B in NIH to cure Alzheimer’s & other diseases. (Sep 22)
  • Blueprint: Senior choice; Rx benefit; tax breaks. (Sep 17)
  • Government HMOs not the answer for Social Security. (Sep 11)
  • More funding for disability assistance. (Jun 15)
  • Family Health Credit: pay for 90% of basic low-income policy. (Apr 13)
  • $3.6B for 1,200 new community health centers. (Apr 13)
  • Expand and Reform Medical Savings Accounts:. (Apr 11)
  • Opposes doctor assisted suicide. (Apr 2)
  • Restrict teenage smoking by tough state & federal laws. (Mar 22)
  • Health insurance for kids from tobacco settlement. (Jun 1999)

    Insurance coverage

  • Ask “are we getting health care?” not “are we uninsured?”. (Oct 17)
  • Link small businesses together in large insurance pools. (Oct 11)
  • Texas spent $4.7B on uninsured & covered 110,000 kids. (Oct 11)
  • $4.7B for uninsured children in Texas; 1.4M still uninsured. (Oct 11)
  • Cover 3 million uninsured at a 10-year cost of $135 billion. (Sep 30)
  • Small business health insurance via trade associations. (Apr 13)
  • More CHIPs; more multistate HMOs. (Apr 13)
  • New Prosperity Initiative: $2,000 health ins. tax credit. (Apr 11)

    Medicare & Medicaid

  • Gore’s plan is “Mediscare”; hasn’t helped for 8 years. (Oct 3)
  • Medicare Rx plan: immediate help, then senior choice. (Oct 3)
  • Cap senior prescription costs at $6,000 per year. (Sep 6)
  • $158B for Medicare prescriptions & subsidized premiums. (Sep 6)
  • Choice of Medicare, free equivalent, or adding own $. (Sep 5)
  • Second bill to Congress: $48B for immediate Rx help. (Sep 5)
  • All seniors entitled to Medicare; poor seniors subsidized. (Sep 5)
  • $7.4B for nursing home insurance via tax deductions. (May 11)
  • Medicare Rx drug coverage for low-income seniors. (Mar 1)
  • Replace 132,000-page Medicare document with senior choice. (Jan 16)

    Patient Rights

  • Patient Rights: No gatekeepers for gynecologists. (Oct 17)
  • Patient Bill of Rights, but not Dingell-Norwell. (Oct 17)
  • Give seniors choice, not bureaucrats; give incentives too. (Sep 5)
  • Use Texas model for Bill of Rights: access; choice; appeals. (Aug 31)
  • Health care access via empowerment, not nationalizing. (Apr 13)
  • Private alternatives & state reforms come first. (Apr 2)
  • HMOs should cover emergency room; & gynecology directly. (Mar 14)
  • Create Review Board to hear HMO complaints. (Dec 1999)
George W. Bush on Juvenile Crime
Click here for 13 full quotes OR click here for 3 older headlines OR click here for 21 headlines on on Crime OR click here for other candidates on Juvenile Crime.
  • Solution to Columbine: Love your neighbor like yourself. (Oct 11)
  • Safety at school & home: Project Sentry & Project ChildSafe. (Sep 17)
  • Avoid Columbine via gun control, values & character ed. (Apr 20)
  • Zero tolerance on disruption, guns, & school safety. (Apr 2)
  • More laws & enforcement on juveniles with guns. (Apr 2)
  • Parental accountability is more important than trigger locks. (Mar 2)
  • “Tough-love” in strictly disciplined boot camps. (Dec 1999)
  • Arrest for guns in school; track juvenile offenders. (Jun 1999)
  • For tough juvenile justice laws. (Jun 1999)
  • Increased penalties to rehabilitate juveniles. (May 1999)
  • Filter - or avoid - media that romanticizes violence. (Apr 1999)
  • Track gangs; enact automatic sentencing. (Jan 1999)
  • Supports trying minors as adults for violent crimes. (Dec 1998)
George W. Bush on Kosovo
Click here for 13 full quotes OR click here for 25 headlines on on Defense OR click here for other candidates on Kosovo.
  • Focus on core mission by removing US troops from Balkans. (Oct 22)
  • Revise NATO; US out of Balkans; Europeans in. (Oct 21)
  • NATO: Europeans provide troops; US provides support only. (Oct 21)
  • Bush wants Europeans in Balkans; they’re already there. (Oct 19)
  • Harming NATO is a strategic interest & warrants intervention. (Oct 11)
  • After U.S. victory, Europeans should keep peace in Serbia. (Oct 11)
  • Replace US troops with European troops in Balkans. (Oct 11)
  • Let Russians convince Milosevic to step down. (Oct 3)
  • Pull US troops out of Balkans; and pay them more. (Aug 21)
  • No deadline for removing troops from Kosovo. (May 25)
  • Supported intervention & ground troops; but without UN. (Apr 2)
  • Be suspicious of agreement until Serbs gone & Kosovars home. (Jun 1999)
  • Timetable for US peacekeepers to hand over to Europeans. (Jun 1999)
George W. Bush on Principles & Values
Click here for 46 full quotes OR click here for 33 older headlines OR click here for 36 headlines on from Bush's book A Charge to Keep OR click here for other candidates on Principles & Values.
  • Bush ended news conferences in Sept.; Gore now accessible. (Nov 2)
  • Promised 4 reforms in Texas; delivered all 4. (Oct 17)
  • Favorites: PB&J, tacos, Winston Churchill, kissing Laura. (Sep 27)
  • Not running for president on father’s name. (Sep 20)
  • Quit drinking when alcohol started to compete with family. (Sep 19)
  • “RATS” TV ad not an intentional subliminal message. (Sep 13)
  • No need to excuse Cheney from energy issues. (Aug 13)
  • My generation tested limits; now we’re coming home. (Aug 3)
  • Picked Cheney as a valuable partner and fully capable. (Jul 25)
  • Baseball is fun, politics is not. (Jun 5)
  • McCain didn’t change Bush’s opinions at all. (Mar 15)
  • Priorities: Reaganesque tax cuts; education & health reform. (Mar 2)
  • Challenges the orthodoxy but is still a devout conservative. (Oct 1999)
  • Bush’s centrism: free trade; private IRAs; no new taxes. (Jul 1999)
  • Government can create an environment for prosperity. (Jun 1999)
  • Match conservative minds with compassionate hearts. (Jun 1999)

    Campaign Themes

  • I trust the people, and Al Gore trusts Washington. (Oct 31)
  • Barnstorm for Reform: End D.C. cynicism & zero-sum politics. (Oct 24)
  • Blueprint for the Middle Class: from birth thru retirement. (Sep 17)
  • Real Plans for Real People: Bush promises honest talking. (Sep 8)
  • Now is the time to do the hard things. (Aug 21)
  • Calling everything “Risky Scheme” is politics of roadblocks. (Aug 3)
  • Theme: change how Washington works & restore moral purpose. (Jun 9)
  • Bush’s conservatism: local solutions within limited govt. (Dec 1999)
  • Government if necessary, not necessarily government. (Dec 1999)
  • “Compassionate conservatism” allows individual potential. (Mar 1999)
  • Prosperity with a purpose: Peaceful & prosperous future. (Mar 1999)

    Leadership Style

  • Reads people well; prefers one-on-one with legislators. (Oct 30)
  • A leader has vision, credibility, and loyalty to friends. (Oct 17)
  • End bickering in Washington to revive politics. (Oct 17)
  • Put U.S. interests first and execute goals with good team. (Oct 11)
  • The president must have credibility; Gore doesn’t. (Oct 11)
  • Leads by building consensus, not by following polls. (Oct 3)
  • End irresponsibility like ‘No controlling legal authority’. (Oct 3)
  • Uphold law of the land & the dignity of the office. (Aug 3)
  • Bush has “hands-off” style, says the test is good decisions. (Aug 2)
  • Surrounded by smart people, but he decides himself. (Aug 1)
  • Governs by outlining ideas & letting Legislature do details. (May 1999)


  • US chosen by God to be a model among nations. (Aug 29)
  • Talk at Bob Jones was a missed opportunity to speak out. (Mar 2)
  • Jesus is part of my life; but won’t exclude non-Christians. (Jan 6)
  • “A Charge to Keep,” hymn & painting, inspire Bush. (Dec 1999)
  • Charitable Choice has churches mentoring weflare clients. (Jun 1999)
  • Allow religious groups to address social ills. (Dec 1998)
  • Diminish role of govt as communities & churches take over. (Jul 1998)
  • Base “responsibility era” on Judeo-Christian values. (Apr 1998)
George W. Bush on School Choice
Click here for 17 full quotes OR click here for 5 older headlines OR click here for 39 headlines on on Education OR click here for other candidates on School Choice.
  • Vouchers are up to states; allow local control. (Oct 17)
  • Allow “charter states” as well as charter schools. (Sep 30)
  • One size does not fit all in education. (Aug 3)
  • Money from failed schools can go to charters or tutors too. (May 23)
  • Tax money to religious schools OK, if they’re teaching kids. (May 23)
  • Profit-making schools OK, as long as kids learn. (May 23)
  • Fund 2,000 charter schools; defund failing schools. (Apr 2)
  • Don’t subsidize problems in schools; solve them. (Mar 15)
  • If schools fail for 3 years, funding becomes “portable”. (Feb 29)
  • Charters encourage innovative methods & provide choices. (Dec 1999)
  • $3 billion for Charter School Fund. (Oct 1999)
  • School decisions by parents, not federal judges. (Aug 1999)
  • Let poor people choose their schools, like rich people do. (Aug 1999)
  • Vouchers a priority; encourage their spread. (Apr 1999)
  • Supports vouchers, including private or religious schools. (Dec 1998)
  • Vouchers tied to “accountability system”. (Mar 1998)
  • “Home rule” with state standards. (Feb 1995)
George W. Bush on Social Security
Click here for 16 full quotes OR click here for 8 older headlines OR click here for 11 headlines on about Universal Health Care OR click here for other candidates on Social Security.
  • Set aside $2.4T for seniors as well as younger workers. (Oct 26)
  • Young workers want to invest some Social Security money. (Oct 3)
  • Gore’s plan requires taxes: “Social Security Plus Huge Debt”. (Oct 3)
  • Prohibit govt investment in the stock market, private OK. (Sep 30)
  • Blueprint: Maintain retiree benefits; young get more options. (Sep 17)
  • I will touch the third rail so I can fix it. (Aug 3)
  • Open questions: transition costs & bad investors bailouts. (Jul 5)
  • No specifics like: What age? What percentage? (May 16)
  • Maintain basics of government’s “most successful program”. (May 15)
  • 2% real return is not enough; sound investments get 6%. (May 15)
  • Support retirement via government-plus-private system. (May 15)
  • Privatize Social Security to take advantage of stock market. (May 4)
  • No government investment in private stocks or bonds. (Apr 2)
  • Consider raising retirement age. (Nov 1999)
  • Supports subsidized Medicare menu with means testing. (Apr 1999)
  • Lock-box yes; tax increase no; bipartisanship yes. (Apr 1999)
George W. Bush on Tax Reform
Click here for 34 full quotes OR click here for 22 older headlines OR click here for 45 headlines on from Forbes' book A New Birth of Freedom OR click here for other candidates on Tax Reform.
  • Claims lower income people benefit more than rich; untrue. (Oct 19)
  • Be fair and eliminate death taxes for everyone. (Oct 17)
  • Claim that every taxpayer gets relief isn’t true. (Oct 17)
  • Blueprint: Cut rates, marriage penalty, & death tax. (Sep 17)
  • Don’t eliminate gas tax; ask OPEC to increase supply. (Jul 3)
  • Use the marketplace to encourage people to save and invest. (Apr 26)
  • New Prosperity Initiative: 6 million tax-free families. (Apr 11)
  • End death tax; reduce marriage penalty; more child credits. (Apr 2)
  • 1997 no-tax pledge: judge results, despite breaking pledge. (Jan 10)
  • $8B tax incentives for charitable contributions. (Jul 1999)
  • Read my tax pledge: No new taxes. (Jun 1999)
  • Simplify tax code to stimulate economic growth. (Apr 1999)

    Income tax Cut

  • Gore’s targeted tax cuts apply to too few people. (Nov 2)
  • Gore’s convoluted “targeted cuts” exclude too many people. (Oct 25)
  • $500B to people earning under $100K; $800B to those richer. (Oct 17)
  • Yes, wealthy get tax relief, but 6M poor will pay no tax. (Oct 17)
  • Wealthy now pay 62% of all taxes; with his plan, 64%. (Oct 17)
  • Clinton/Gore couldn’t deliver on 1992 tax cuts. (Oct 3)
  • All Americans deserve tax relief; no more “fuzzy numbers”. (Oct 3)
  • More child & charity deductions in $1.3T tax cut. (Sep 30)
  • Add targeted cuts to comprehensive tax cut. (Jun 17)
  • Cut taxes on income, children, & inheritance. (Jun 6)
  • More deductions for kids, education, charity, and marriage. (May 27)
  • Reduce share of tax burden on low- and middle-income. (Apr 11)
  • Tax cuts, so help me God. (Jan 6)

    Returning the Surplus

  • Tax relief will spur growth and help pay national debt. (Aug 30)
  • Tax cut for all is affordable and right thing to do. (Aug 23)
  • The surplus is the people’s money-return it. (Aug 3)
  • No one should pay more than 1/3 in taxes. (Aug 3)
  • Biggest tax cuts to those who pay the biggest tax bills. (Feb 27)
  • Use prosperous times to get money out of Washington. (Jan 26)
  • Cut top tax rate to 33% while cutting lower income taxes too. (Jan 10)
  • Proposes tax cuts of $483B over 5 years. (Dec 1999)
  • Lower tax rates to 10%-25%-33%; end inheritance tax. (Dec 1999)
George W. Bush on Technology
Click here for 14 full quotes OR click here for 4 older headlines OR click here for 12 headlines on about Internet OR click here for other candidates on Technology.
  • Privacy is a fundamental right; ensure it on the Internet. (Oct 6)
  • Ban identity theft & safeguard genetic information. (Oct 6)
  • Matches Gore on R&D aid, more visas, no Internet tax. (Sep 30)
  • Fewer strings to obtain technology for schools. (Jun 20)
  • Internet a tool, not a crutch. (Jun 19)
  • Tax ban keeps Internet growing & affordable. (May 10)
  • Bush would be more friendly toward Microsoft. (Apr 9)
  • $20B increase in R&D spending; permanent R&D tax credit. (Apr 2)
  • Census long form is intrusive; not sure he’d fill it out. (Mar 31)
  • Technology programs are obsolete before they start. (Jan 26)
  • Internet may or may not help mom & pop - wait & see. (Jan 7)
  • Extend Internet sales tax ban; but wary of Main St. losses. (Dec 1999)
  • Census by head count, if possible. (Jun 1999)
  • V-chip OK, but cultural changes are better. (May 1999)
George W. Bush on Welfare & Labor
Click here for 26 full quotes OR click here for 7 older headlines OR click here for 10 headlines on about Faith-Based Organizations OR click here for other candidates on Welfare & Labor.
  • Housing: Help low-income purchasers, and housing developers. (Oct 28)
  • Housing: Use HUD rental vouchers for first home purchase. (Oct 28)
  • Bush’s Texan philosophy for the poor: up-by-the-bootstraps. (Oct 16)
  • Blueprint: promote charity, community, and safety. (Sep 17)
  • Transform low-income rentals to home ownership. (Aug 3)
  • Focus welfare on transition to work & responsibility. (Jun 5)
  • $1.7B over 5 years for home rehabs in poor neighborhoods. (Apr 19)
  • 50% tax credits for 20,000 home rehabs per year. (Apr 19)
  • New Prosperity Initiative: rent vouchers; homeowner credits. (Apr 11)
  • $1B & tax credits for Individual Development Accounts. (Apr 11)
  • Remove tax “tollbooths” for poor single moms. (Jan 22)
  • Supports low-income heating oil assistance program. (Dec 1999)
  • Work and responsibility to replace welfare. (Dec 1999)
  • Too much government fosters dependency. (Dec 1999)

    Faith-based organizations

  • Government solving social problems crowds out compassion. (Oct 31)
  • Devolve welfare to both state and private charities. (Sep 30)
  • Fund faith-based private programs that promote independence. (Jun 27)
  • Compassion Capital Fund to foster church-based welfare. (Apr 2)
  • Church-based solutions for drugs, daycare, & crime. (Apr 2)
  • “No-strings” vouchers for religious groups to do charity. (Jan 22)
  • Religious charities deserve government support. (Dec 1999)
  • Churches provide “armies of compassion” to help the poor. (Oct 1999)
  • Look first to faith-based organizations. (Aug 1999)
  • Religious groups compete for state service contracts. (Jun 1999)


  • Flex-time & family-oriented work rules via tax code. (Oct 6)
  • Tax breaks, child care & bus fare for working recipients. (Jul 1998)


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