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Al Gore on Environment
Click here for 46 full quotes OR click here for 38 older headlines OR click here for 24 headlines from Gore's book Earth in the Balance OR click here for Al Gore on other issues.
  • Ban oil and gas drilling off Florida coast. (Nov 1)
  • Texas is the smoggiest state with the smoggiest city in US. (Oct 31)
  • Continue & do more cleanup of Great Lakes. (Oct 31)
  • UN report confirms global warming; Gore revives the issue. (Oct 27)
  • A clean environment and a healthy economy do not conflict. (Oct 11)
  • Incentives for technology; but no voluntary regulations. (Oct 11)
  • Invest in clean water, air, & land in “Environmental Decade”. (Aug 19)
  • Trust Fund for the Environment to foster protection & growth. (Jul 24)
  • No drilling in ANWR & off coasts; protect pristine areas. (May 30)
  • Ozone protection is working; keep up diligence. (Apr 23)
  • Big Lie: good environment is bad economics. (Apr 23)
  • Strengthen CAA; polluters pay for air cleanup. (Apr 23)
  • Market-based goals for power plants’ air pollution. (Apr 22)
  • Environmental justice and economic revival go hand-in-hand. (Feb 21)
  • Tax credits & business incentives for energy efficiency. (Oct 1999)
  • Work with business to solve environmental problems. (May 1999)
  • If we do nothing else, save the rain forest. (Jul 1993)
  • The US should lead the global environmental movement. (Jul 1993)
  • Calculate environmental impact when measuring profit. (Jul 1993)
  • Civilization and the earth are increasingly in conflict. (Jul 1993)

    Brownfields & Parks

  • Pass bipartisan legislation to revitalize contaminated sites. (Jul 12)
  • Transform brownfields into parks with federal investment. (Jul 12)
  • Livability Agenda proposes $1 billion for parks. (May 1999)
  • Supports “livability” agenda. (Apr 1999)
  • Control clean air in National Parks. (Apr 1999)

    Farm Policy

  • Farmers are the first environmentalists. (Oct 17)
  • Safety net for farmers & focused rural development. (Oct 17)
  • Kill Freedom to Farm Act: keep price supports. (Sep 20)
  • Preserve free-flows, pristine peaks, & salmon fisheries. (Jun 9)
  • No timber sales in national forest roadless areas. Period. (May 31)
  • Base farm policy, like hormones in livestock, on science. (Jan 8)
  • Limit logging in National Forests but protect way of life. (Jan 5)
  • Supports ethanol subsidies & “farm safety net”. (Nov 1999)
  • Triple use of biomass, ethanol, plant-based textiles, etc. (Nov 1999)

    Global Warming

  • Carbon dioxide causes global warming and we should act. (Oct 11)
  • Global Warming is a clear & present threat; but preventable. (Apr 23)
  • Kyoto goals are an indispensable first step. (Apr 23)
  • Avoid “out of tune” unachievable CO2-reduction proposals. (Apr 1999)
  • Global Marshall Plan: Five strategic goals. (Jul 1993)

    Mass Transit & Suburban Sprawl

  • Replace sprawl with “smart growth”; $7.8B on Everglades. (Sep 30)
  • Major commitment to build high-speed Amtrak rail systems. (Sep 17)
  • Both gas & public transit should be affordable & available. (Jun 29)
  • Clean up and improve existing bus & rail systems. (Jun 29)
  • Gore proposes $2B to counter suburban sprawl. (Nov 1999)
  • Public/private initiative to triple auto fuel efficiency. (Oct 1999)
  • Mass transit to fight suburban sprawl. (May 1999)
David McReynolds on Environment
Click here for the full quote OR click here for David McReynolds on other issues.
  • Rebuild rail network & move away from fossil fuels. (Aug 1999)
Dick Cheney on Environment
Click here for 13 full quotes OR click here for Dick Cheney on other issues.
  • Fuel cells from propane are “a tremendous development”. (Oct 25)
  • Allow snowmobiles in National Parks. (Oct 24)
  • Don’t designate national monuments without local input. (Oct 24)
  • Don’t drill off California coast; but do drill ANWR. (Oct 5)
  • Voted against Clean Water Act and air pollution sanctions. (Jul 24)
  • Sponsored bills for amending CAA; user fees; grazing; energy. (Jan 1987)
  • Sponsored bills for extending mining leases. (Jan 1987)
  • OK to hunt, trap, & ski in National Parks & Forests. (Jan 1986)
  • User fees in National Parks & Forests; drill ANWR. (Jan 1986)
  • Co-sponsored bills on acid rain & unleaded fuel. (Jan 1986)
  • Sponsored numerous bills for flood control & dams. (Jan 1985)
  • Added 671,000 acres to Wyoming wilderness despite objections. (Jan 1984)
  • Co-sponsored bills to limit water lawsuits & construct dams. (Jan 1984)
Ezola Foster on Environment
Click here for the full quote OR click here for Ezola Foster on other issues.
  • Eliminate EPA; businesses can take care of themselves. (Aug 29)
George W. Bush on Environment
Click here for 29 full quotes OR click here for 11 older headlines OR click here for 9 headlines about Farm Policy OR click here for George W. Bush on other issues.
  • Texas has most out-of-compliance plants; but is improving. (Oct 16)
  • Work in partnership with states and landowners. (Oct 11)
  • Federal standards+local collaboration; no command & control. (Oct 11)
  • Replace mandate/regulate/litigate with decentralized efforts. (Sep 30)
  • Make Amtrak more efficient and competitive. (Sep 17)
  • Incentives for private land stewardship & conservation. (Jun 1)
  • Conservation partnerships to protect lands & watersheds. (Jun 1)
  • $60M for private stewardship; tax break on conservation land. (Jun 1)
  • Superfund failing: too costly; too litigious; too complex. (Apr 3)
  • Remove federal impediments to states’ clean energy. (Sep 12)

    Brownfields & Parks

  • $450M annually for wildlife and open spaces. (Sep 17)
  • $4.9B to repair “crumbling” national parks. (Sep 13)
  • 6-point plan for brownfield cleanup. (Apr 3)
  • Reinvest in Conservation Fund; repair parks & refuges. (Apr 2)

    Farm Policy

  • Don’t use food as a diplomatic weapon; it hurts farmers. (Oct 17)
  • Keep Freedom to Farm Act: cut price supports. (Sep 20)
  • Farm policy: emergency relief; insurance; antitrust. (Apr 2)
  • Family farms: Food for Peace instead of food as a weapon. (Jan 16)
  • Ethanol tax incentives good for farmers and good for air. (Nov 1999)

    Global Warming

  • Scientific consensus is that pollution causes global warming. (Oct 19)
  • Scientists are unsure about global warming. (Oct 11)
  • Kyoto Treaty puts too much burden on US. (Oct 11)
  • Drill ANWR and leave only footprints. (Oct 1)
  • Can’t sue our way to clean air & water--work with industry. (Apr 4)
  • Keep fed enviro role but give money & flexibility to states. (Apr 4)
  • Base enviro decisions on science & market-driven solutions. (Apr 2)
  • Keep drilling; keep dams; keep private property. (Apr 2)
  • Cooperate with industry, instead of lawsuits & regulations. (Nov 1999)
  • Opposes Kyoto treaty, ESA, & other intrusive regulations. (Nov 1999)
Harry Browne on Environment
Click here for 12 full quotes OR click here for 17 headlines from Browne's January interview with Issues2000 OR click here for Harry Browne on other issues.
  • Environmental scares are excuses for government control. (Sep 9)
  • Oppose Kyoto, even if achieved by market mechanisms. (Aug 9)
  • Sell off federal assets; except some national parks. (Jun 14)
  • Government-owned land is polluted land-privatize it. (Jun 14)
  • Global Warming inconclusive; too much political agenda. (Jan 27)
  • Protect environment via private property ownership. (Jan 27)
  • Solve enviro problems via private property rights. (Jan 13)
  • Agrees with goal of cleaner environment, but not via govt. (Dec 1998)
  • Who are we saving the irreplaceable resources for? (Mar 1998)
  • Protect environment via local trespassing laws. (May 1996)
  • Sell public lands; repeal all environmental laws. (May 1996)
  • Privatize grazing lands and national parks. (Jul 1995)
Howard Phillips on Environment
Click here for 3 full quotes OR click here for Howard Phillips on other issues.
  • No to Kyoto. (Jan 13)
  • Property rights are ours, not government’s. (Aug 1993)
  • Environmentalism is socialist. (Jan 1992)
John Hagelin on Environment
Click here for 8 full quotes OR click here for John Hagelin on other issues.
  • Supports sustainable, organic agricultural practices. (Apr 1)
  • Moratorium on genetically engineered food. (Apr 1)
  • Promote renewable energy; end fossil-fuel dependence. (Apr 1)
  • Strengthen Clean Water & Air Acts & other enviro regs. (Jan 13)
  • Promote sustainability; tax cost of fossil fuels. (Jan 13)
  • Genetically engineered foods are not tested or labeled. (Nov 1999)
  • Renewable energy resources ultimately cost-effective. (Nov 1999)
  • Against nuclear power; we can’t store nuclear waste. (Sep 1999)
Joseph Lieberman on Environment
Click here for 14 full quotes OR click here for 2 headlines about Global Warming OR click here for Joseph Lieberman on other issues.
  • Texas is last in social programs; but first in pollution. (Oct 31)
  • Religion is the foundation of environmentalism. (Oct 19)
  • Destroying pristine ANWR not worth 6 months of oil. (Oct 5)
  • Save 3 mpg and we conserve same as drilling Alaska. (Oct 5)
  • Continue strong commitment to clean air, water, land. (Aug 16)
  • Strengthen CAA; protect ANWR; create more national parks. (Aug 7)
  • Advocates for robust environmental protections. (Aug 7)
  • Incentives for business to reduce greenhouse emissions. (Aug 7)
  • Strengthen Clean Air Act & Clean Energy Act. (Aug 7)
  • Invest $2.5B in open space preservation. (Aug 7)
  • Kyoto Protocol should include China. (Jan 1)
  • Clean Energy: deregulate electricity & reduce pollutants. (Jul 1999)
  • $85M over 5 years for brownfield re-development. (May 1999)
  • Climate change is bilingual, for business & for enviros. (Mar 1999)
Pat Buchanan on Environment
Click here for 12 full quotes OR click here for Pat Buchanan on other issues.
  • Celebrating Earth Day is like worshiping dirt. (Oct 19)
  • Yes, a “Christian nation,” not “Judeo-Christian” principles. (Oct 19)
  • Drill in Alaska and play hardball with OPEC. (Oct 1)
  • Supports ethanol subsidies for energy independence. (Nov 1999)
  • Energy independence by developing Caspian pipelines. (Oct 1999)
  • Explore ANWR; reconsider nuclear power & oil import fee. (Oct 1999)
  • Opposes raising CAFE standards. (Oct 1999)
  • Compensate land owners for endangered species habitat. (Jun 1999)
  • Abolish BLM and return land to states. (Jun 1999)
  • People conserve land, not federal or international agencies. (Jun 1999)
  • Opposes Kyoto Treaty because it regulates US most. (Jun 1999)
  • Put people first, not insects and rats. (Aug 1992)
Ralph Nader on Environment
Click here for 26 full quotes OR click here for 3 older headlines OR click here for 9 headlines from Nader's debate with Buchanan OR click here for Ralph Nader on other issues.
  • Kyoto treaty is so watered down there’s nothing to fight for. (Nov 1)
  • Charge agribusiness for water; stop charging more to people. (Oct 22)
  • Mining companies get free mines for campaign contributions. (Oct 9)
  • Highway pork leads to sprawl, air pollution, global warming. (Oct 9)
  • Focus on family farms instead of large agribusiness. (Oct 9)
  • Drilling Alaska is a temporary fix for an inebriated system. (Oct 1)
  • U.S. farm policy should focus on family farmers. (Sep 22)
  • More renewables & more efficency to stave off global warming. (Jul 24)
  • Raise CAFE standards; treat SUVs like cars. (Jul 24)
  • End all commercial logging in National Forests. (Jul 24)
  • Head off a genetic engineering rampage. (Feb 23)
  • Protect whistleblowers on health, safety, & pollution. (Feb 21)
  • Corporate collectivism leads toward ecological disaster. (Feb 21)
  • Congress should revive energy policies before crisis. (Oct 1999)
  • Bold investment needed for public transportation. (Jul 1999)
  • More funds to maintain National Park system. (Jul 1999)
  • Promote energy independence to avoid foreign wars. (Oct 1996)
  • National corporate charters for environmental bankruptcy. (Mar 1996)

    Auto Safety

  • Auto safety devices are simple & cheap; but take years. (Oct 10)
  • Safety regulation works; but Auto Safety Agency sold out. (Oct 10)
  • More regulation for auto safety, with criminal penalties. (Oct 10)
  • Cancel R&D giveaways to auto industry; let them do it. (Oct 9)
  • Gore has given auto industry and other polluters a free ride. (Oct 1)
  • Motor vehicles are the greatest environmental hazard. (Feb 21)
  • DOT: Focus on safety and mass transit. (Oct 1996)
  • Automakers avoid replacing internal combustion engines. (Dec 1995)
Winona LaDuke on Environment
Click here for 8 full quotes OR click here for 4 headlines about Nuclear Energy & Weapons OR click here for Winona LaDuke on other issues.
  • Preserving cultural diversity is key to environmentalism. (Jul 23)
  • Unchecked industrial expansion means species extinction. (Jul 23)
  • Support alternative energy & industrial hemp. (Jul 12)
  • Convert to renewable energy. (Apr 25)
  • Amendment to protect rights for future generations. (Apr 8)
  • Favors alliances of mainstream & native environmentalists. (Dec 1996)
  • Protect common property as well as private property. (Oct 1996)
  • Overconsumption is key to environmental crisis. (Aug 1995)


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