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Al Gore on Budget & Economy
Click here for 32 full quotes OR click here for 16 older headlines OR click here for 17 headlines from Gore's book Prosperity for America's Families OR click here for Al Gore on other issues.
  • Prosperity itself is on the ballot; keep “new-economy”. (Oct 28)
  • Paying down debt reduces government intrusion. (Oct 17)
  • After 8 years of prosperity, “you ain’t seen nothing yet.”. (Oct 3)
  • Prosperity results from current policy plus entrepreneurship. (Oct 3)
  • Make hard choices to keep prosperity rolling. (Sep 28)
  • Helping middle-class is goal of economic plan. (Sep 7)
  • Lays out 10 goals in Prosperity for America’s Families plan. (Sep 6)
  • Safeguard prosperity to reduce poverty. (Sep 6)
  • Enable more families to save, own homes, and pay less tax. (Sep 6)
  • Encourage “Retirement Savings Plus” accounts. (Sep 6)
  • Confidence in markets & policy is basis for solid economy. (Apr 25)
  • Economic slowdown would prompt Reinvention push. (Dec 1999)
  • Clinton-Gore budget concepts broke cycle of recession. (Dec 1999)
  • Low interest rates are a key to strong economy. (Oct 1999)

    Budget Surplus

  • Surest way to bust economy is Bush’s tax cuts. (Oct 3)
  • Set aside $300B as a “Surplus Reserve Fund”. (Sep 6)
  • $4.56 trillion spending plan for 10 years’ budget surplus. (Sep 6)
  • Set aside one-sixth of surplus in case rosy estimates fail. (Sep 6)
  • Free America from debt by paying down $3 trillion. (Sep 6)
  • Use surplus to strengthen Social Security, Medicare. (Sep 6)
  • Spend $164B surplus on Medicare, tax cuts, & debt. (Apr 30)
  • Pay off the national debt by 2013. (Apr 25)
  • Set aside 15-16% of budget surplus to fix Medicare. (Oct 1999)
  • Balance or surplus except in crises. (May 1999)

    Oil & Energy

  • Renewable energy instead of nuclear power. (Oct 16)
  • Drilling ANWR too high a price for a few months of oil. (Oct 3)
  • Tax incentives for development of renewable energy. (Oct 3)
  • Release oil from Strategic Petroleum Reserve. (Sep 21)
  • $150B Energy Security and Environment Trust Fund. (Sep 12)
  • Tax breaks for fuel efficiency will fuel prosperity. (Jun 28)
  • New energy technology will lead to more prosperity. (Jun 27)
  • Energy policy: focus on future tech & incentives. (Jun 27)
David McReynolds on Budget & Economy
Click here for the full quote OR click here for David McReynolds on other issues.
  • Socialist Party stands for values beyond consumerism. (Sep 1999)
Dick Cheney on Budget & Economy
Click here for 10 full quotes OR click here for Dick Cheney on other issues.
  • After 8 years inaction, must act based on rosy forecast. (Oct 5)
  • Give responsible tax relief by returning 5% of surplus. (Oct 5)
  • Increase domestic energy production without damage to land. (Oct 5)
  • In 1980s, US needed limited spending for deficit & Cold War. (Jul 26)
  • Budget surplus softens opposition to spending. (Jul 26)
  • Supported Balanced Budget Amendment. (Jul 1999)
  • Investment in defense brings economic growth. (Sep 1992)
  • Don’t fund domestic priorities by cutting defense. (Sep 1992)
  • Co-sponsored numerous bills for balancing the budget. (Jan 1986)
  • Supported biennial budgeting for deficit reduction. (Jan 1986)
Ezola Foster on Budget & Economy
Click here for the full quote OR click here for Ezola Foster on other issues.
  • Questions whether economic boom has helped Black Americans. (Aug 11)
George W. Bush on Budget & Economy
Click here for 28 full quotes OR click here for 11 older headlines OR click here for 9 headlines from Bush's Real Plans for Real People OR click here for George W. Bush on other issues.
  • Too much government spending will end prosperity. (Nov 1)
  • Despite prosperity, “It’s time for a change” in Washington. (Oct 26)
  • Claims of Gore’s spending are based on inflated figures. (Oct 18)
  • Claim of Gore’s 20,000 new bureaucrats is unlikely. (Oct 11)
  • Claim of 1/4 for important projects is overestimate. (Oct 11)
  • Prosperity results from entrepreneurship & ingenuity. (Oct 3)
  • Private sector responsible for economic boom. (Aug 13)
  • Make budget biennial; reinstate line-item veto; target pork. (Jun 9)
  • $46B in new spending on health, education, & defense. (Apr 13)
  • New Prosperity Initiative: remove obstacles to advancement. (Apr 11)
  • Federal government should stay out of the marketplace. (Dec 1999)
  • Simplify tax code to stimulate economic growth. (Apr 1999)
  • More job training; R&D tax credits. (Jul 1998)

    Budget Surplus

  • Surest way to bust economy is Gore’s enlarged government. (Oct 3)
  • Don’t let Gore bring back big government; 200 new programs. (Sep 28)
  • Bush’s budget: $265B left of surplus after 10 years. (Sep 5)
  • Gore: Feds spend surplus; Bush: taxpayers spend it. (Aug 22)
  • Spend $586B surplus on tax cuts, health, & defense. (Apr 30)
  • 10-year surplus: $2T Social Security; $1T debt; $1T tax cut. (Jan 26)
  • Use presidential power to get money away from Congress. (Jan 26)
  • Supports Balanced Budget Amendment. (Jul 1998)

    Oil & Energy

  • Clarify rules to allow for more nuclear power generation. (Oct 16)
  • Better to drill ANWR than import oil from Saddam Hussein. (Oct 3)
  • Replenish energy supplies with new domestic coal & pipelines. (Oct 3)
  • Use ANWR fees for alternative energy and home oil help. (Oct 1)
  • Look for oil in US rather than tap into emergency reserves. (Sep 21)
  • Explore ANWR; explore for gas; reduce foreign dependence. (Jan 26)
  • Wean from oil, via electric deregulation & natural gas. (Dec 1999)
Harry Browne on Budget & Economy
Click here for 12 full quotes OR click here for Harry Browne on other issues.
  • Entire federal budget should be $100B, not $1.8T. (Sep 9)
  • Return to the gold standard; end Federal Reserve. (Jun 14)
  • Budget surplus is over-taxation, so return it all. (Jan 27)
  • Decrease defense & police $; eliminate everything else. (Jan 13)
  • Neither Dems nor Reps “reign in spending”. (Mar 1999)
  • Amendment: Limit spending to prior year’s revenue. (May 1996)
  • Against block grants; repeal income tax instead. (May 1996)
  • Priorities: cut budget; repeal income tax; pay off debt. (May 1996)
  • Great Depression was caused by federal monetary policies. (Jul 1995)
  • Politicians don’t want to reduce government. (Jul 1995)
  • Reduce budget from $1.5 trillion to $385 billion. (Jul 1995)
  • Get rid of $5 trillion debt by selling federal assets. (Jul 1995)
Howard Phillips on Budget & Economy
Click here for 3 full quotes OR click here for Howard Phillips on other issues.
  • No spending increases; no compromise. (Feb 14)
  • Smaller budget-or no budget-is better than a balanced budget. (Sep 1999)
  • The Fed is an instrument for legalized plunder. (Sep 1999)
John Hagelin on Budget & Economy
Click here for 6 full quotes OR click here for John Hagelin on other issues.
  • Ideas drive growth--tap creativity via education. (Apr 1)
  • More $ for environment; crime prevention; health care. (Jan 13)
  • GDP inadequately measures quality of life. (Aug 1996)
  • Lessened taxation best for higher growth. (Aug 1996)
  • Restore fiscal growth policy over monetary policy. (Aug 1996)
  • Enterprise zones can aid inner cities. (Aug 1996)
Joseph Lieberman on Budget & Economy
Click here for 12 full quotes OR click here for Joseph Lieberman on other issues.
  • Prosperity won’t go on automatically; don’t change horses. (Nov 1)
  • Democratic administration balanced budget and created growth. (Oct 21)
  • $300 billion reserve fund to be insurance policy for surplus. (Oct 5)
  • Expensive tax cut for rich will lead to high interest rates. (Oct 5)
  • Now: tap Strategic Reserve; long-term: develop 80 mpg cars. (Oct 5)
  • New economy will thrive on investment and trained workers. (Aug 29)
  • Democrats will expand prosperity, GOP will “squander” it. (Aug 16)
  • Fund R&D; cut capital gains tax; ban Internet tax. (Aug 7)
  • Priorities are debt reduction and balanced budget. (Aug 7)
  • Private sector is the primary engine of economic growth. (Aug 7)
  • Booming economy from private sector plus government help. (May 2)
  • Biennial budget makes sense, allows better review. (Mar 1999)
Pat Buchanan on Budget & Economy
Click here for 7 full quotes OR click here for Pat Buchanan on other issues.
  • Return surplus to American people; end ‘bipartisan pig-out’. (Oct 1)
  • Break up OPEC instead of Microsoft. (Sep 21)
  • Dow crash is based on OPEC conspiracy. (Mar 14)
  • Lethal projectile-the trade deficit-aimed at US workers. (Dec 1999)
  • Pay down debt; reduce federal share of economy. (Nov 1999)
  • Interventionist in US economy; isolationist abroad. (Sep 1999)
  • Supports Balanced Budget Amendment & tax cuts. (Jun 1999)
Ralph Nader on Budget & Economy
Click here for 11 full quotes OR click here for Ralph Nader on other issues.
  • 47 million full-time workers make less than $10 an hour. (Oct 26)
  • Use surplus to rebuild country & provide for communal needs. (Oct 1)
  • Top priorities: Infrastructure; poverty; preventive health. (Jul 23)
  • High gas prices are the fruit of corporate power. (Jun 29)
  • People indicators are down despite good economic indicators. (May 7)
  • Two-tiered economy is unhealthy & troubling. (May 7)
  • Allow citizen lawsuits for waste in govt spending. (Feb 21)
  • The economy is down, when measured by human yardsticks. (Feb 21)
  • Fed worries wrongly about wage inflation over profits. (Nov 1999)
  • Spend surplus on public works & infrastructure. (Jul 1999)
  • GNP fails to measure quality of life. (Dec 1995)
Winona LaDuke on Budget & Economy
Click here for 7 full quotes OR click here for Winona LaDuke on other issues.
  • Overconsumption fuels unwarranted economic expansion. (Jul 23)
  • Replace corporate subsidies with community revitalization. (Jul 12)
  • Charges that Gore’s investments conflict with campaign views. (Apr 25)
  • Ecology is economy: economic growth requires conservation. (Feb 7)
  • Corporations have no right to make policy decisions. (Aug 1995)
  • Modern wealth owed to appropriation of native lands. (Aug 1995)
  • Capitalism is inherently out of order with natural law. (Sep 1993)


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