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Al Gore on Abortion
Click here for 15 full quotes OR click here for 4 older headlines OR click here for 32 headlines on about Medicare & Medicaid OR click here for other candidates on Abortion.
  • Ban partial-birth abortions, except for maternal health. (Oct 3)
  • No litmus test; but appointees would uphold Roe v. Wade. (Oct 3)
  • Opposes partial birth abortion, but opposes banning it. (Sep 30)
  • Would support RU-486, if proven safe. (Sep 27)
  • Next president’s Supreme Court nominees will decide abortion. (Jun 28)
  • Two questions: Is abortion acceptable? Who should decide? (Mar 3)
  • Right to choice, regardless of economic circumstance. (Mar 1)
  • Personal struggle on abortion reflected in evolving view. (Feb 26)
  • Abortion question is for women, not government or president. (Jan 30)
  • Wrote in 1984 that “abortion is arguably taking a life”. (Jan 30)
  • Voted against Medicare-funded abortions; but now supports it. (Jan 26)
  • Always, always defend a woman’s right to choose. (Jun 1999)
  • Abortions should be safe, legal, and rare. (Nov 1998)
  • Supports Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances law. (Nov 1998)
  • More family planning; less parental consent. (Nov 1998)
Al Gore on Budget & Economy
Click here for 32 full quotes OR click here for 16 older headlines OR click here for 17 headlines on from Gore's book Prosperity for America's Families OR click here for other candidates on Budget & Economy.
  • Prosperity itself is on the ballot; keep “new-economy”. (Oct 28)
  • Paying down debt reduces government intrusion. (Oct 17)
  • After 8 years of prosperity, “you ain’t seen nothing yet.”. (Oct 3)
  • Prosperity results from current policy plus entrepreneurship. (Oct 3)
  • Make hard choices to keep prosperity rolling. (Sep 28)
  • Helping middle-class is goal of economic plan. (Sep 7)
  • Lays out 10 goals in Prosperity for America’s Families plan. (Sep 6)
  • Safeguard prosperity to reduce poverty. (Sep 6)
  • Enable more families to save, own homes, and pay less tax. (Sep 6)
  • Encourage “Retirement Savings Plus” accounts. (Sep 6)
  • Confidence in markets & policy is basis for solid economy. (Apr 25)
  • Economic slowdown would prompt Reinvention push. (Dec 1999)
  • Clinton-Gore budget concepts broke cycle of recession. (Dec 1999)
  • Low interest rates are a key to strong economy. (Oct 1999)

    Budget Surplus

  • Surest way to bust economy is Bush’s tax cuts. (Oct 3)
  • Set aside $300B as a “Surplus Reserve Fund”. (Sep 6)
  • $4.56 trillion spending plan for 10 years’ budget surplus. (Sep 6)
  • Set aside one-sixth of surplus in case rosy estimates fail. (Sep 6)
  • Free America from debt by paying down $3 trillion. (Sep 6)
  • Use surplus to strengthen Social Security, Medicare. (Sep 6)
  • Spend $164B surplus on Medicare, tax cuts, & debt. (Apr 30)
  • Pay off the national debt by 2013. (Apr 25)
  • Set aside 15-16% of budget surplus to fix Medicare. (Oct 1999)
  • Balance or surplus except in crises. (May 1999)

    Oil & Energy

  • Renewable energy instead of nuclear power. (Oct 16)
  • Drilling ANWR too high a price for a few months of oil. (Oct 3)
  • Tax incentives for development of renewable energy. (Oct 3)
  • Release oil from Strategic Petroleum Reserve. (Sep 21)
  • $150B Energy Security and Environment Trust Fund. (Sep 12)
  • Tax breaks for fuel efficiency will fuel prosperity. (Jun 28)
  • New energy technology will lead to more prosperity. (Jun 27)
  • Energy policy: focus on future tech & incentives. (Jun 27)
Al Gore on China
Click here for 8 full quotes OR click here for 20 headlines on about Labor Policy OR click here for other candidates on China.
  • To union: we disagree on China; but agree elsewhere. (May 22)
  • Push Congress aggressively on China/WTO. (Mar 11)
  • Do not reveal strategy and inflame China or Taiwan. (Mar 1)
  • Engage China, but demand respect for human rights. (Jan 5)
  • Supports permanent normal trade relations with China. (Dec 1999)
  • Diplomacy with both Taiwan and China. (Dec 1999)
  • Supports MFN for China. (May 1999)
  • Speed up China’s access to WTO. (Nov 1998)
Al Gore on Civil Rights
Click here for 27 full quotes OR click here for 15 older headlines OR click here for 25 headlines on from Bradley's book Time Present, Time Past OR click here for other candidates on Civil Rights.
  • Civil rights & Supreme Court are at stake in this election. (Oct 30)
  • Hate crimes stigmatize whole groups; enforce as civil rights. (Oct 11)
  • First civil rights act will ban racial profiling. (Oct 11)
  • Commitment to helping disabled reach their potential. (Jul 25)
  • Invest in independent living & enforce disabled rights. (Jul 25)
  • Latino values are America’s best values. (Jul 1)
  • Tipper & Al pushed for voluntary record lyric labeling. (Mar 3)
  • Confederate flag divides-remove it, but no boycott. (Jan 17)
  • Latinos considered for Supreme Court, but no pledge. (Jan 17)
  • Review disenfranchisement of felons but keep concept. (Jan 17)
  • End discrimination based on mental illnesses. (May 1999)
  • Fund and enforce the Disabilities Act. (May 1999)

    Affirmative Action

  • Affirmative Action: mend it, don’t end it. (Oct 25)
  • Affirmative action does not mean quotas. (Oct 17)
  • Gore emphasizes long-term commitment to NAACP. (Jul 12)
  • Close gender gap; equal pay for women. (May 11)
  • Investigate racial profiling at the federal level. (Mar 1)
  • Constitution evolved for women & blacks; & will evolve more. (Mar 1)
  • Keep affirmative action; reject numerical quotas. (Feb 21)
  • Ban racial profiling by Executive Order. (Jan 17)
  • Affirmative action still needed - continue the fight. (Dec 1999)
  • Need more opportunities for women-owned businesses. (Jun 1999)

    Gay Rights

  • Find some way for civic union; but not gay marriage. (Oct 11)
  • Supports Vermont’s Civil Union law. (Sep 27)
  • Stop discrimination against same-sex domestic partnerships. (Mar 1)
  • Eliminate ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’; let gays serve in army. (Dec 1999)
  • Supports same-sex partnerships; but not “marriage” title. (Oct 1999)
Al Gore on Crime
Click here for 18 full quotes OR click here for 10 older headlines OR click here for 5 headlines on about Death Penalty OR click here for other candidates on Crime.
  • National hate crimes law is needed, absolutely. (Oct 11)
  • 50,000 more police, to cut the crime rate for next 10 years. (Aug 18)
  • Invest in police and prosecutors to reduce crime. (Jul 19)
  • Constitutional amendment for victim’s rights. (May 3)
  • Intensify the battle against crime, drugs, and disorder. (May 2)
  • Get clean to get out; stay clean to stay out. (May 2)
  • “Lock box” to keep money in crime enforcement. (Apr 14)
  • Hate crimes are fundamentally different than other crimes. (Mar 1)
  • Recognizes disparities in sentencing blacks. (Jan 17)
  • Fight terrorism with leadership, tight control of technology. (Dec 1999)
  • Supports “Broken Windows” law enforcement. (May 1999)

    Death Penalty

  • Death penalty for deterrence, but carefully. (Oct 17)
  • Use DNA techniques to make death penalty more fair. (Sep 4)
  • Supports death penalty; no moratorium for new DNA techniques. (Feb 21)
  • Death penalty for murdering federal officers. (May 1999)

    Mandatory Sentencing

  • Victims need protection and justice. (Jul 18)
  • Crime plan: More police; tougher penalties; victims’ rights. (May 2)
  • Three Strikes should apply only to truly violent crimes. (Feb 21)
Al Gore on Defense
Click here for 22 full quotes OR click here for 24 older headlines OR click here for 10 headlines on about Nuclear Energy & Weapons OR click here for other candidates on Defense.
  • The best technology makes U.S. military the best. (Oct 17)
  • Help with landmine removal; ban them in 2006 but not now. (Sep 7)
  • Keep America strong for challenges of newly free world. (Aug 18)
  • Build-down military to smaller but more effective. (May 27)
  • Prepare for challenges of the information-age battefield. (May 27)
  • Use military as last resort, only when effective & shared. (May 27)
  • From day one: Transform to 21st century military strategy. (May 27)
  • Forward Engagement: address problems before crises arise. (Apr 30)
  • Supported Gulf War; costs of war less than alternative. (Mar 3)
  • Sensible increases in defense spending. (Feb 3)
  • Nation-building is part of world leadership. (Oct 11)

    Military Personnel

  • US military is best in history of the world. (Oct 3)
  • Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell is unfair & hasn’t worked. (Sep 6)
  • No soldier should have to rely on food stamps. (Aug 23)
  • Personnel: better pay; housing; family services; healthcare. (May 27)
  • $1.2 billion in new education money for veterans. (May 11)
  • Appointees must ENFORCE allowing gays; not AGREE with policy. (Jan 11)

    Missile Defense

  • Full-scale “Star Wars” is unrealistic & too expensive. (Jul 10)
  • Nuclear unilateralism will hinder arms control. (May 28)
  • Build less powerful SDI; to keep ABM treaty & START III. (May 27)
  • Focus SDI on rogue states. (May 27)
  • Test Ban Treaty is the tide of history; ratify it. (Oct 1999)
Al Gore on Drugs
Click here for 13 full quotes OR click here for 4 older headlines OR click here for other candidates on Drugs.
  • Clinton-Gore drug policy: spending up; drug use down. (Oct 7)
  • Science doesn’t say medical marijuana is proper. (May 12)
  • Mandatory weekly drug testing for state prisoners & parolees. (May 3)
  • Drug treatment programs for every addict who wants one. (May 3)
  • Lead a national crusade against drugs. (May 2)
  • Loosen restrictions on medical marijuana. (Mar 5)
  • Tougher drug policies; fight drugs in Colombia. (Mar 5)
  • Did pot when young, like young people do. (Jan 24)
  • Decrease disparities in punishing crack vs. powder cocaine. (Nov 1999)
  • Drug efforts are beginning to pay off; we must do more. (Feb 1999)
  • Community disconnectedness is a source of drug problems. (Feb 1999)
  • Drug Control Strategy: More $, more enforcement, more TV ads. (Feb 1999)
  • After-school programs prevent most drug use. (Mar 1998)
Al Gore on Education
Click here for 32 full quotes OR click here for 20 older headlines OR click here for 18 headlines on on School Choice OR click here for other candidates on Education.
  • Bush voucher plan would result in a huge new federal program. (Oct 26)
  • Claimed $10,000 tuition tax cut worth $800 over current plan. (Oct 17)
  • Recruit teachers, improve classrooms, help failing schools. (Oct 17)
  • Make $10,000 of college tuition tax deductible annually. (Oct 6)
  • $176B over 10 years for pre-school, special ed, & more. (Oct 3)
  • Agrees with teacher unions on vouchers, salary, & class size. (Sep 30)
  • $170B on education over next 10 years. (Sep 13)
  • Voluntary school prayer is ok, if teachers aren’t involved. (Sep 12)
  • Large federal role in education, including tax deductions. (Sep 11)
  • Agrees with unions against vouchers; disagrees on testing. (Jun 3)
  • Encourage after-school with tax credits & funds for schools. (May 25)
  • Seeks transformation of educational system in 4 years. (Apr 28)
  • Stress early learning, small classes, & classroom technology. (Apr 28)
  • 5-point plan: High school exit exams; focus on character. (Apr 28)
  • Highlights of 10-year $115B education program. (Apr 2)
  • “Revolutionary plan”: 50% more for public schools. (Jan 13)
  • $5B/year for universal preschool for 3- & 4-year-olds. (Dec 1999)
  • Hire 2M teachers over next 10 years. (Dec 1999)
  • Connect every school to the Internet. (May 1999)


  • Investment in public education; with testing & local control. (Oct 3)
  • Stress accountability; close the “achievement gap”. (Apr 28)
  • Supports Goals 2000 & standards-based movement. (Feb 23)
  • $10K “Teacher Corps” bonus; hire & test teachers. (May 1999)
  • Test teachers; remove failing tenured teachers. (May 1999)
  • End social promotion; turn around failing schools. (May 1999)


  • $36B for tuition after saving Medicare & Social Security. (Sep 8)
  • More resources for education: tax breaks for college. (Sep 6)
  • Make saving and borrowing for college easier. (Sep 6)
  • Make college tuition tax-deductible. (Aug 18)
  • Reduce class sizes; make college savings plans. (Jun 1999)
  • National Tuition Savings program to send kids to college. (May 1999)
  • More student loans & grants; make 2 years of college free. (May 1999)
Al Gore on Environment
Click here for 46 full quotes OR click here for 38 older headlines OR click here for 24 headlines on from Gore's book Earth in the Balance OR click here for other candidates on Environment.
  • Ban oil and gas drilling off Florida coast. (Nov 1)
  • Texas is the smoggiest state with the smoggiest city in US. (Oct 31)
  • Continue & do more cleanup of Great Lakes. (Oct 31)
  • UN report confirms global warming; Gore revives the issue. (Oct 27)
  • A clean environment and a healthy economy do not conflict. (Oct 11)
  • Incentives for technology; but no voluntary regulations. (Oct 11)
  • Invest in clean water, air, & land in “Environmental Decade”. (Aug 19)
  • Trust Fund for the Environment to foster protection & growth. (Jul 24)
  • No drilling in ANWR & off coasts; protect pristine areas. (May 30)
  • Ozone protection is working; keep up diligence. (Apr 23)
  • Big Lie: good environment is bad economics. (Apr 23)
  • Strengthen CAA; polluters pay for air cleanup. (Apr 23)
  • Market-based goals for power plants’ air pollution. (Apr 22)
  • Environmental justice and economic revival go hand-in-hand. (Feb 21)
  • Tax credits & business incentives for energy efficiency. (Oct 1999)
  • Work with business to solve environmental problems. (May 1999)
  • If we do nothing else, save the rain forest. (Jul 1993)
  • The US should lead the global environmental movement. (Jul 1993)
  • Calculate environmental impact when measuring profit. (Jul 1993)
  • Civilization and the earth are increasingly in conflict. (Jul 1993)

    Brownfields & Parks

  • Pass bipartisan legislation to revitalize contaminated sites. (Jul 12)
  • Transform brownfields into parks with federal investment. (Jul 12)
  • Livability Agenda proposes $1 billion for parks. (May 1999)
  • Supports “livability” agenda. (Apr 1999)
  • Control clean air in National Parks. (Apr 1999)

    Farm Policy

  • Farmers are the first environmentalists. (Oct 17)
  • Safety net for farmers & focused rural development. (Oct 17)
  • Kill Freedom to Farm Act: keep price supports. (Sep 20)
  • Preserve free-flows, pristine peaks, & salmon fisheries. (Jun 9)
  • No timber sales in national forest roadless areas. Period. (May 31)
  • Base farm policy, like hormones in livestock, on science. (Jan 8)
  • Limit logging in National Forests but protect way of life. (Jan 5)
  • Supports ethanol subsidies & “farm safety net”. (Nov 1999)
  • Triple use of biomass, ethanol, plant-based textiles, etc. (Nov 1999)

    Global Warming

  • Carbon dioxide causes global warming and we should act. (Oct 11)
  • Global Warming is a clear & present threat; but preventable. (Apr 23)
  • Kyoto goals are an indispensable first step. (Apr 23)
  • Avoid “out of tune” unachievable CO2-reduction proposals. (Apr 1999)
  • Global Marshall Plan: Five strategic goals. (Jul 1993)

    Mass Transit & Suburban Sprawl

  • Replace sprawl with “smart growth”; $7.8B on Everglades. (Sep 30)
  • Major commitment to build high-speed Amtrak rail systems. (Sep 17)
  • Both gas & public transit should be affordable & available. (Jun 29)
  • Clean up and improve existing bus & rail systems. (Jun 29)
  • Gore proposes $2B to counter suburban sprawl. (Nov 1999)
  • Public/private initiative to triple auto fuel efficiency. (Oct 1999)
  • Mass transit to fight suburban sprawl. (May 1999)
Al Gore on Families & Children
Click here for 20 full quotes OR click here for 9 older headlines OR click here for 20 headlines on from Hillary Clinton's biography Hillary's Choice OR click here for other candidates on Families & Children.
  • Faith and family are America’s biggest strengths. (Oct 23)
  • Abstinence Ed in the context of comprehensive Sex Ed. (Sep 22)
  • Hold entertainment industry accountable. (Sep 11)
  • Enable 7 of 10 families to own a home. (Sep 6)
  • Focus on “working families” via tax cuts & education. (Aug 22)
  • Tax cuts for families will help care for both young and old. (Jun 15)
  • Parental Responsibility Accounts: dads pay kids, not welfare. (Jun 3)
  • Employ “dead-broke dads”, crack down on “deadbeat dads.”. (Jun 2)
  • After-school care for 10 million kids. (May 25)
  • 50% After-School Tax Credit for kids 6 to 16. (May 25)
  • Elian’s interests paramount over diplomatic interests. (Apr 1)
  • Tax credits for child care for working & at-home families. (Jan 8)
  • After-school programs prevent most drug use. (Jun 1999)
  • Tobacco is greatest threat to kids’ health. (Jun 1999)
  • Protect kids from Internet smut as part of “e-rate”. (Jun 1999)
  • Pre-school available to every child in every community. (Jun 1999)
  • Supports V-Chip and parental controls over TV & Internet. (May 1999)
  • More restrictions on underage smoking. (May 1999)
  • Enroll uninsured children in federal health programs. (May 1999)
  • Supports Family and Medical Leave Act. (Nov 1998)
Al Gore on Foreign Policy
Click here for 31 full quotes OR click here for 3 older headlines OR click here for 10 headlines on about Nuclear Energy & Weapons OR click here for other candidates on Foreign Policy.
  • Vietnam: Trade will improve human rights & help with MIAs. (Oct 18)
  • Chernomyrdin Commission produced results despite corruption. (Oct 13)
  • Supported force in Mideast, Balkans, Haiti, not Somalia. (Oct 11)
  • US bonds with Israel endure; we should broker. (Oct 11)
  • Rwandan genocide: no military, but more humanitarian aid. (Oct 11)
  • Haiti: Intervention gave them a chance at democracy. (Oct 11)
  • Cuba: Hard-liner on Castro; keep sanctions. (Oct 4)
  • North Korea: Continue exploring rapprochement. (Oct 4)
  • Russia: US’s abiding interest, but troubled by Putin. (Oct 4)
  • Russia’s transition is accomplishment, if over-optimistic. (Jun 4)
  • Africa: give the poorest countries a hand up. (Apr 30)
  • Chechnya: Keep aid that helps US; cut off aid that helps war. (Jan 26)
  • Mantle of leadership means responding to violence abroad. (Oct 1999)
  • Supports New Security Agenda and Third-World debt relief. (Sep 30)


  • Gore supports vigorous intervention abroad; Bush less so. (Oct 30)
  • The world is looking to US for leadership. (Oct 11)
  • The power of example is America’s greatest power. (Oct 11)
  • Nation-building: preferable to WWIII, and a stunning success. (Oct 4)
  • UN treaties are effective means for US to help Third World. (Aug 20)
  • New Security Agenda: keep old; build new; avoid isolation. (Apr 30)
  • Strong defense for world leader; tie defense to other issues. (Jan 1)
  • Intervention requires national interest, by our values. (Oct 1999)
  • Pay UN dues, as leader of the world. (Oct 1999)


  • Palestine: Arafat should restrain protest violence. (Oct 15)
  • Iraq: Support opposition to overthrow Saddam. (Oct 11)
  • Don’t let OPEC take advantage of Americans. (Sep 20)
  • Israel: support full UN participation. (May 23)
  • Iraq: support Saddam’s opposition, until he’s gone. (May 23)
  • Committed to the survival & security of Israel. (Mar 3)
  • Supported continuing 1998 air strikes in Iraq. (Dec 1998)
  • Supported Bush’s 1991 bombing of Iraq. (Dec 1998)
Al Gore on Free Trade & Immigration
Click here for 17 full quotes OR click here for 2 older headlines OR click here for 20 headlines on about Labor Policy OR click here for other candidates on Free Trade & Immigration.
  • Link trade to environment and labor. (Sep 30)
  • Fair trade: standards for child labor & environment. (Aug 18)
  • Agrees with unions on 90% of issues, but not on free trade. (Mar 11)
  • Open Europe & Japan to genetically-modified farm products. (Jan 9)
  • Use Fast Track to encourage new markets. (May 1999)
  • Free and fair trade means economic growth and jobs. (May 1999)
  • Protectionism only protects us from prosperity. (Nov 1998)


  • English is our language, but “English-Only” divides us. (Nov 1)
  • Citizenship for 1.2M cleared backlog, but sacrificed quality. (Aug 1)
  • More immigrants to alleviate labor shortage. (Mar 1)
  • Immigrants from communist Cuba are different. (Jan 17)
  • Immigration leads to diversity and cultural tolerance. (Apr 1999)


  • More Latin American trade, with labor & enviro protections. (Oct 31)
  • Debate with Perot was instrumental in passing NAFTA. (Mar 3)
  • WTO talks will continue, with labor & environment input. (Dec 1999)
  • WTO requires Japan & Europe to deal with our trade issues. (Dec 1999)
  • Open markets with safeguards for labor and environment. (Dec 1999)
Al Gore on Government Reform
Click here for 33 full quotes OR click here for 29 older headlines OR click here for 20 headlines on about Labor Policy OR click here for other candidates on Government Reform.
  • Regulatory style: smaller & smarter govt, but stronger regs. (Oct 31)
  • Promises weekly open meeting as President. (Oct 30)
  • I don’t ever want to see another era of big government. (Oct 25)
  • Spending increase? “Absolutely not”; balance every budget. (Oct 17)
  • Were you better off 8 years ago than you are now? (Oct 17)
  • Supreme Court should interpret Constitution. (Oct 3)
  • Decreased fed workforce by 300,000; won’t increase by 20,000. (Oct 3)
  • Use historic surplus to balance budget and help middle class. (Oct 3)
  • Puerto Rico: Back statehood if majority votes for it. (Sep 20)
  • Open meetings to stay in touch with every-day people. (Aug 18)
  • Supported “PAC participation in the political process”. (Mar 3)
  • Supreme Court nominees should interpret the Constitution. (Mar 1)
  • No controlling legal authority“ for White House calls. (Mar 1997)
  • We distrust our government; but want it in emergencies. (Sep 1995)
  • Performance-based pay for civil servants. (Jan 1999)

    Campaign Finance Reform

  • McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform will be first bill. (Oct 3)
  • Ban soft money and provide free broadcast time. (Sep 30)
  • Campaign finance reform will be very first bill to Congress. (Aug 18)
  • $7B public campaign finance fund. (Apr 16)
  • Full disclosure for lobbyists, donations, & issue ads. (Mar 27)
  • Calls for soft-money ban; but won’t unilaterally disarm. (Mar 11)
  • Free TV and radio for candidates during campaigns. (Mar 1)
  • Has supported bills like McCain-Feingold for 20 years. (Oct 1999)

    Reinventing Government

  • Pledges to add not one new federal position. (Oct 25)
  • Begin second phase of reinvention: shrink federal govt. (Oct 25)
  • In last 5 years, fed govt shrank; TX govt grew. (Oct 17)
  • Continue Reinvention: put everything federal on Internet. (Apr 25)
  • “Reinvention” caused some reform, but nothing fundamental. (Mar 3)
  • Continue “reinvention”, which has saved $137 billion. (May 1999)
  • Decentralization builds faith in government. (Jan 1999)
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey for feds. (Jan 1999)
  • Common sense government: focus on results & customers. (Sep 1995)
  • ReGo: downsize; streamline; restructure; & privatize. (Sep 1995)
Al Gore on Gun Control
Click here for 14 full quotes OR click here for 7 older headlines OR click here for 4 headlines on about Columbine OR click here for other candidates on Gun Control.
  • Focus on gun safety, not hunters & sportsmen. (Oct 17)
  • Restrict guns from wrong hands, not sportsmen & homeowners. (Oct 11)
  • Gun licensing by states, but no registration. (Oct 11)
  • No special lawsuit protection for gun makers. (Sep 30)
  • Mandatory background checks & child safety locks. (Aug 18)
  • Agrees with Bush on banning weapons; but wants registration. (Apr 21)
  • Nationally mandated, state-run system of photo licensing. (Apr 20)
  • Take on the NRA with presidential leadership. (Mar 1)
  • Passed toughest gun control in 30 years; same for next 30. (Feb 21)
  • Maximize gun control within what’s politically possible. (Jan 5)
  • Counter gun lobby with ‘family lobby’ to shield kids. (Jun 1999)
  • Voted against some gun limitations while in Congress. (Jun 1999)
  • Supports background checks at gun shows, in tie-breaker. (May 1999)
  • Supports Brady Law and ban on assault weapons. (May 1999)
Al Gore on Health Care
Click here for 44 full quotes OR click here for 56 older headlines OR click here for 32 headlines on about Medicare & Medicaid OR click here for other candidates on Health Care.
  • Claim that drugmakers spend more on ads than R&D isn’t true. (Oct 17)
  • Physicians, not HMO should make medical decisions. (Oct 17)
  • Drug companies spend more on ads than on research. (Oct 17)
  • Opposes Medical Savings Accounts; they segment out the sick. (Oct 11)
  • Claims Bush puts Texas oil interests before healthy children. (Oct 11)
  • Claims of Bush’s choices & benefits are underestimated. (Oct 11)
  • Stronger penalties for HMOs who drop seniors. (Sep 25)
  • Foster competition in drug research; companies misspend R&D. (Aug 28)
  • Curb excess pharmaceutical profits made at consumer expense. (Jul 1)
  • $30B over 10 years to help families with elder care. (Jun 6)
  • Against assisted suicide; but leave it to the states. (May 13)
  • Get generic drugs to market quickly & cheaply. (Mar 31)
  • Let FDA regulate cigarettes; fight teenage smoking. (Mar 22)
  • Focus on prevention to limit costs. (May 1999)
  • No discriminating based on genetic information. (Nov 1998)
  • Remove stigma & treat mental illness like physical illness. (May 31)

    Insurance coverage

  • Step by step, fill in the gaps in health care. (Oct 17)
  • Wants some form of non-government universal health care. (Oct 11)
  • Cover 12 million uninsured at a 10-year cost of $157 billion. (Sep 30)
  • Move toward universal health coverage, step by step. (Aug 18)
  • All children should have health care by 2004. (Apr 28)
  • Expand Children’s Health Insurance Program for working poor. (Mar 14)
  • $146B over 10 years to insure 90% of adults & 100% of kids. (Oct 1999)

    Medicare & Medicaid

  • Medicare Rx plan: you choose, Medicare pays. (Oct 3)
  • Put Medicare in lockbox so seniors can afford prescriptions. (Oct 3)
  • Protect Medicare’s funds with “lockbox”. (Sep 23)
  • Modernize Medicare with choice, efficiency, competition. (Sep 23)
  • Too many seniors have to choose between drugs and rent. (Sep 23)
  • Senior prescription drug benefit with $4,000 cap. (Sep 23)
  • Allow 55-65 year olds to buy into Medicare. (Sep 23)
  • Free preventive cancer screenings for Medicare beneficiaries. (Sep 23)
  • $253B for Medicare prescriptions & subsidized premiums. (Sep 6)
  • 1997 Medicare cuts went too far-put back $339B. (Aug 31)
  • Health Care Trust Fund to expand coverage. (Jun 14)
  • $300B over 15 years to keep Medicare solvent. (Mar 1)

    Patient Rights

  • Patient Rights: power to doctors; right of appeal. (Oct 17)
  • Supports Dingell-Norwell Patient Bill of Rights. (Oct 17)
  • Encourage competition, ensure choice, stop abuses. (Sep 23)
  • Private medical information should not be bought and sold. (Sep 19)
  • Enforce HMO coverage of women’s cancer treatment. (Sep 18)
  • Patients have right to more access, protection, recourse. (Jul 11)
  • 25% tax credit for health insurance; HMO appeals. (Mar 14)
  • Patient rights: emergency coverage & performance disclosure. (Jan 8)
  • Patients and doctors should decide who gets what care. (Oct 1999)
Al Gore on Juvenile Crime
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  • Focus on discipline, character and safety in schools. (Apr 28)
  • Solution is gun control, V-chips, and character education. (Apr 20)
  • Ban guns in churches; “lock box” for crime funding. (Apr 14)
  • Tough gun laws & so much more, to stop child tragedies. (Mar 1)
  • Zero tolerance for guns at school; raise age to 21. (Jan 8)
  • We need more self-restraint in the media. (Dec 1999)
  • Make schools violence-free and drug-free. (Jun 1999)
  • Faith-based crime prevention via clergy outreach. (May 1999)
  • Tough “Second-chance schools” for kids. (May 1999)
Al Gore on Kosovo
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  • Maintain presence in Balkans; Bush would destabilize NATO. (Oct 22)
  • Military’s role is nation building in Balkans and elsewhere. (Oct 21)
  • Genocide is a strategic interest & warrants intervention. (Oct 11)
  • Bosnia: Be proud that we stopped ethnic cleansing. (Oct 4)
  • Russians won’t ask Milosevic to step down. (Oct 3)
  • Will decide about Milosevic based on 24 years of experience. (Oct 3)
  • US must support Serbia in kicking out Milosevic. (Oct 3)
  • Supported early action in Bosnia; no “Vietnam syndrome”. (Mar 3)
  • Serbs committing crimes against humanity. (May 1999)
  • Ethnic cleansing means mass murder and we will stop it. (Apr 1999)
  • Moral interests apply to all; NATO can act on it here. (Apr 1999)
  • Ignoring Milosevic destabilizes Europe & world justice. (Apr 1999)
  • Moral interests dictate that we fight Milosevic’s evil. (Apr 1999)
  • Bomb until Serb forces withdraw & refugees return. (Apr 1999)
Al Gore on Principles & Values
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  • I have kept the faith, with family & in office. (Oct 17)
  • His experience in Vietnam & Congress qualifies him to lead. (Oct 17)
  • Campaign finance reform will help end cynicism in politics. (Oct 17)
  • Promises to get the big things right; sorry for exaggerating. (Oct 11)
  • Judge me on my experience and platform. (Oct 3)
  • Gore’s favorite things: Wheaties, Beatles, & kissing Tipper. (Sep 12)
  • Make history with fewer than 1 in 10 living in poverty. (Sep 6)
  • Agrees to further debates if Bush agrees to 3 main debates. (Sep 4)
  • Focus on “specifics” questions Bush & favors wonkishness. (Aug 22)
  • Populist tone to commitment to fight for the people. (Aug 20)
  • Running on his agenda of last quarter century. (Aug 13)
  • Challenges Bush to debate issues instead of personal attacks. (Aug 9)
  • Criticism with defense of Clinton served the public interest. (Jan 5)
  • Policies, not labels, define me. (Jan 5)
  • Working to improve things overcomes disillusionment. (Oct 1999)
  • Practical Idealism: centrist on most issues. (Jul 1999)
  • America’s mission: prove that freedom & diversity work. (Apr 1999)

    Campaign Themes

  • Top Ten rejected campaign slogans. (Sep 14)
  • Stand for the people and against special interests. (Jul 10)
  • Whose side are you on? The people’s or the powerful? (Jul 7)
  • Earth in the Balance is a call to action and hope. (Apr 23)
  • In Congress, called himself a “raging moderate”. (Mar 3)
  • Domestic priorities: schools, health, enviro, & Reinvention. (Dec 1999)
  • “Stay and fight!” invokes passion, loyalty, and purpose. (Oct 1999)
  • Four core principles of Reinventing Government. (Jun 1999)


  • The purpose of life is to glorify God. (Oct 23)
  • Abstinence Ed in the context of comprehensive Sex Ed. (Sep 22)
  • Voluntary school prayer is ok, if teachers aren’t involved. (Sep 12)
  • Lieberman’s morality & Jewishness makes him a bold pick. (Aug 8)
  • Born-again Baptist; serves God & obeys God’s will. (Mar 3)
  • Respect Constitution and others when affirming faith. (Jan 5)
  • Faith-based organizations replace govt programs. (May 1999)
Al Gore on School Choice
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  • Bush’s vouchers are “educational roulette”. (Oct 26)
  • Bush proposes more for vouchers than for public schools. (Oct 17)
  • Overempasized restrictions of Bush’s education plan. (Oct 17)
  • Vouchers cause public schools to have 9:30 lunch & no desks. (Oct 3)
  • Spend resources rebuilding public schools. (Oct 3)
  • Yes, poor parents in failing schools might like vouchers. (Aug 31)
  • Invest in schools; don’t drain them via vouchers. (Aug 18)
  • Lieberman experiments with vouchers; Bush destroys with them. (Aug 10)
  • Parents in failing schools can’t wait: Shut down & re-open. (May 23)
  • For-profit schools OK within public system. (May 23)
  • Says Bush’s “choice” sends kids to bad public schools. (Apr 28)
  • Choice & competition only within public & charter schools. (Apr 28)
  • Give parents choice in choosing public schools. (Mar 21)
  • Increase public school aid by 50% instead of vouchers. (Jan 17)
  • No experimental vouchers. (Sep 1999)
  • More choice, more local control, within public schools. (May 1999)
  • Shut failing schools; then re-open & turn them around. (May 1999)
  • Against vouchers; build up public schools instead. (Mar 1998)
Al Gore on Social Security
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  • Won’t break Social Security promises to seniors. (Nov 1)
  • Will Bush cut benefits or raise the retirement age? (Oct 21)
  • Claim that Social Security will go bankrupt is misleading. (Oct 19)
  • Bush’s “Social Security Minus” diverts $1 from every $6. (Oct 3)
  • Paying off national debt keeps trust fund solvent until 2054. (Sep 30)
  • Dedicate the budget surplus first to saving Social Security. (Aug 18)
  • Open questions: future surplus & future discipline. (Jul 5)
  • Social Security Plus: voluntary tax-free private investment. (Jun 13)
  • Protect Social Security from privacy & ID theft. (Jun 9)
  • Use stock market for private investment, not Social Security. (May 24)
  • Debt reduction and interest saved will save social security. (May 16)
  • Keep the ‘security’ in Social Security. (May 15)
  • Ensure health care & retirement security for aging veterans. (May 10)
  • Privatization is “stock market roulette”. (Apr 5)
  • Eliminate the motherhood penalty. (Apr 3)
  • Strengthen benefits for widows. (Apr 3)
  • Streamline disability and advocacy processes. (Jun 1999)
  • Opposed cutting Medicare; commit more funds instead. (Jun 1999)
  • Protect retirement plans while times are good. (May 1999)
Al Gore on Tax Reform
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  • $500B to people earning under $100K; via 30 targeted cuts. (Oct 17)
  • Federal matching funds for poor and middle class savings. (Oct 17)
  • Except for wealthiest, exempt people from estate tax. (Oct 17)
  • Claim that every family is eligible for tax cut is unlikely. (Oct 11)
  • Cut taxes for 99% of middle class, not the wealthiest 1%. (Oct 3)
  • Target surplus at national debt, rainy days, & education. (Sep 30)
  • End marriage penalty; reform estate tax; targeted cuts. (Sep 6)
  • Lower taxes for working families with targeted tax reform. (Sep 6)
  • Tax cuts to benefit middle-class, not just the rich. (Aug 21)
  • Don’t eliminate gas tax; ask oil interests to charge less. (Jul 3)
  • Eliminate the marriage penalty for working families. (Jun 15)
  • $500B in tax cuts targeted to working families. (Jun 15)
  • Help caregivers with tax reform, nursing home alternatives. (Jun 7)
  • $250B over 10 years in targeted tax cuts. (Feb 27)
  • Save Social Security, Medicare, and address debt before cuts. (Feb 21)
  • Rules out tax increase in good economic times. (Dec 1999)
  • Eliminate estate taxes for the little guy, not the wealthy. (Jun 21)

    Critique of Bush tax plan

  • Bush’s tax plan is class warfare on behalf of billionaires. (Nov 1)
  • Impossibly large tax cut will yield big debt and recession. (Oct 31)
  • We both target our tax cuts: Bush targets the rich. (Oct 31)
  • Comparison of wealthy tax cut to middle class exaggerated. (Oct 19)
  • Single wealthy person’s tax cut equal to roomful of people. (Oct 17)
  • Claim that Bush benefits “top 1%” only true with estate tax. (Oct 11)
  • Yes, it’s your money-but it’s your programs too. (Aug 31)
  • Too large a tax cut would wreck economy & military readiness. (Aug 23)
  • Bush’s tax cut gives average family only 62 cents. (Aug 18)
  • Bush’s tax plan is “economic snake oil”. (Mar 17)
  • $792B tax cut is a “risky tax scheme”. (Aug 1999)
Al Gore on Technology
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  • $33B for new R&D tax credit; more privacy protection on-line. (Oct 28)
  • Parents’ “protection page” to check kids’ web surfing. (Oct 17)
  • “Digital Cabinet” of high-tech advisors. (Sep 30)
  • Maintain prosperity via millions of new high-tech jobs. (Sep 6)
  • Double investment in medical research. (Aug 18)
  • New technology should not mean less privacy. (Jun 8)
  • Promote $500B market for energy technology. (Apr 23)
  • Unhealthy concentrations of power snuff out competition. (Apr 9)
  • Broadcasters required to assist with “Democracy Endowment”. (Mar 27)
  • Postpone Mars for domestic spending. (Dec 1999)
  • Expand crime-fighting computer technology nationally. (Jun 1999)
  • Triana satellite would inspire environmental consciousness. (Jun 1999)
  • Genome project yes; genetic discrimination no. (May 1999)

    Electronic Government

  • Create e-government, interactive access for all citizens. (Jun 5)
  • “G-Bay”: on-line government surplus auction site. (Jun 5)
  • Online federal services: a “second American Revolution”. (Jun 5)
  • Assisted heavily with invention of Internet in 1989. (Mar 3)
  • Proud of helping Internet; not proud of claiming invention. (Oct 1999)


  • Electronic Bill of Rights protects personal information. (Oct 6)
  • Internet self-regulation OK: privacy policy on all web sites. (Oct 6)
  • V-chip & Internet filters are parental tools to protect kids. (Apr 20)
  • Bridge the Digital Divide. (Apr 3)
  • Regulate Internet privacy & child access, but not content. (Mar 1)
  • Universal Internet access should be a national priority. (Feb 21)
  • Tax-free Internet a catastrophe for local governments. (Dec 1999)
  • Connect every school to the Internet. (Jun 1999)
  • Use high tech to deliver government and social services. (May 1999)
  • Electronic Bill of Rights for personal privacy. (May 1999)
Al Gore on Welfare & Labor
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  • Housing: Keep interest rates low; foster more savings. (Oct 28)
  • Invest to increase median family income by one-third by 2010. (Sep 6)
  • $2.3B in tax credits for worker training. (Jun 23)
  • $200B to encourage more savings by low-income workers. (Jun 19)
  • Second generation of welfare reform: focus on fatherhood. (Jun 2)
  • Build 180,000 low-income homes; subsidize 120,000 more. (Apr 19)
  • Investing in inner cities is good deed & good business. (Apr 16)
  • 7M people off welfare: reform has worked. (Jan 26)
  • Reduce child poverty via tax credits & minimum wage. (Jan 8)
  • Invest in urban redevelopment and “Empowerment Zones”. (May 1999)

    Faith-based organizations

  • Strengthen voluntary charity as well as federal welfare. (Sep 30)
  • Supports volunteerism thru faith-based organizations. (May 1999)
  • Corporations should match donations to faith-based orgs. (May 1999)
  • “Charitable Choice:” Fed funds for church-based welfare. (May 1999)
  • Faith-based organizations replace govt programs. (May 1999)


  • Reduce poverty to 10% via welfare reform & minimum wage. (Sep 6)
  • Support equal pay for equal work. (Sep 6)
  • Promises labor prosperity, repeal of striker replacement law. (Jul 21)
  • To union: we disagree on China; but agree elsewhere. (May 22)
  • Supports Coal Miner and Widows Health Protection Act. (May 10)
  • Add $1 to minimum wage; add earned-income credits. (Aug 1999)
  • Injuries can be reduced by workers self-identifying hazards. (May 1999)


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