Stuart Starky on Education

More teacher resources-end war against public schools

Teachers need more resources, children need better fundamental tools for learning, and schools can be improved by reducing class sizes, improving technology, mandating immersion programs for English Learners and funding a full day curriculum. I am proud to be a school teacher and prouder still of the successes of my students. Let us end the war the Bush Administration has launched against our public schools and let us educate our children!
Source: Campaign website, www.starkyforsenate.com, "Issues" Oct 18, 2004

No Child Left Behind shifts tax dollars into private schools

The most important thing we need is teachers who care and who say, 'Yes, you can.' It has nothing to do with No Child Left Behind. No Child Left Behind does not help teachers teach in the classroom, and it doesn't help students learn. No Child Left Behind labels schools as failures so that more and more of our tax dollars can be shifted into private schools and charter schools and into tax credits.
Source: AZ Senate Debate, in Tucson Citizen Oct 16, 2004

Teachers must fight back against Bush

If this campaign engages one debate let it be about Arizona's classrooms. Throughout this state we face a crisis in the classroom. The Bush administration has led an attack on America's teachers, even to the point of labeling us terrorists. I am a proud classroom teacher and I am not a terrorist! This debate must engage teachers to fight back! This debate must engage parents to fight back! Our schools are the incubators for the minds of our future.
Source: Campaign website StarkyForSenate.com, "On The Issues" Aug 12, 2004

Additional funding for Master Teachers

My first legislative priority will be to fund education and make it a system which focuses on teaching our children. Education needs to be improved and teachers trained on our core issues of Math, Reading and Sciences. I will offer money to help teachers become Master Teachers. This will create a learning environment devoted to our students.
Source: 2002 Arizona Legislative NPAT Jul 2, 2002

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