Jack Ryan on Education

School choice within Chicago-area public schools

Parents who are forced to send their children to failing public schools should be given a choice and a chance to ensure that their child receives a first-class education. 23 Chicago-area high schools were in the top 4% of America's public high schools-these should be open and available to all Illinois children-not just the ones with wealthy parents.
Source: Campaign website, JackRyan2004.com, "On The Issues" Jun 25, 2004

Parochial scholarships for students at failing schools

I believe that all children should have a first class education and a chance at the American Dream. Combining school choice with parental involvement will get students excited to learn. [Let's] make available scholarships for children attending failing public schools so that they can attend parochial or private schools that offer more individual attention.
Source: Campaign website, JackRyan2004.com, "On The Issues" Jun 25, 2004

Support funding of charter schools

We need to support the President in his efforts to fund charter schools in Illinois and throughout the country. In 2002, Illinois had 23 charter schools available for students. Whether it is in a public, private, or charter school, the bottom line is our children need to have choices and opportunities in order to learn.
Source: Campaign website, JackRyan2004.com, "On The Issues" Jun 25, 2004

Keep "under God" in Pledge of Allegiance

Thank God for giving this Supreme Court the common sense to overturn a ridiculous ruling. To demand that the two words, 'under God,' should be stricken from the Pledge of Allegiance as 'unconstitutional' is simply absurd, and I'm pleased that wiser heads prevailed.

This case points out the need to appoint judges to the federal bench who have some basic common sense. We need judges who understand the Constitution, believe in it, and are committed to strictly interpreting it - not rewriting it."

Source: Press Release, "Supreme Court on Pledge of Allegiance" Jun 14, 2004

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