Stan Jones on Energy & Oil


More nuclear plants and more liquefied coal

Q: What are the most realistic alternative energy plans for Montana and America?

JONES: The cheapest electrical power is nuclear energy. But this nation has pretty much put the kibosh on nuclear energy, but they're the cleanest, cheapest, & safest form of energy. New designs can burn used fuel, that we are storing in underground vaults, and use it up completely. We must re-institute nuclear power. Coal is another one. Montana is rich in coal, which can be liquefied into gasoline. If government got out of the way, we would already be using it. Government over-regulates the energy industry.

BURNS: Last year we opened up some new areas for energy production. And we found more oil and we found more gas. That's what brings down the price of gasoline, when policies inject competition into the market.

TESTER: If I were not running for US Senate, on my farm, we would be crushing safflower, because I've run the numbers, and it works, and it provides a renewable energy source that makes sense.

Source: 2006 Montana 3-way Senate Debate at MSU Oct 9, 2006

Global warming is a natural occurrence since 1000AD

Q: Your views on global climate change?

BURNS: We've been warming since the Ice Age, and that continues. That's a pretty well-known fact.

TESTER: The truth is, the polar ice cap is half as thick as it was in 1950. Yes, Earth is warming since the Ice Age, that's correct, but it's warming much more rapidly now than it ever has in our history.

JONES: There is global warming; it's very slight; it's a recovery from what's called the Little Ice Age, when the average temperatures were much lower. In the years 500AD to 1000AD, temperatures were much higher than they are right now. Global warming is a natural recovery, and is not harmful. Most of it is only happening in the northern hemisphere. Scientists have proven that carbon dioxide emissions contribute only about 5% of the total greenhouse gases. If we reduce that worldwide, do you think it will have a big impact no greenhouse gases? No it will not. This is a natural occurrence and we should not make any effort to change it.

Source: 2006 Montana 3-way Senate Debate at MSU (x-ref Burns) Oct 9, 2006

Develop oil & coal; drill ANWR

Source: 2006 Congressional National Political Awareness Test Aug 29, 2006

Electricity deregulation fosters innovation

Deregulation of other industries has proven to be a great advantage, as deregulation of electricity in other states has proven to be an advantage to the customers for electricity. I think that the less the government is involved in the industry the better the customer will be served.

Some remote customers may be charged more because the cost to get the service to those locations is greater. The result will most likely be the innovation of lower cost, "off grid" sources of electricity. Many large manufacturing plants are beginning to use highly dependable gas turbine-generators for their primary source of electricity. Photovoltaic cells are becoming much more efficient and very inexpensive.

I propose that government get completely out of the way of the electrical power industry. It will result in the lowest cost for the most people. Please visit my web site for more information.

Source: Campaign website, www.mtlp.org/jones, "Issues" Jan 24, 2006

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