Rick Lazio on Foreign Policy

Embrace our role as a world leader

As we begin the 21st century, America faces challenges both old and new abroad. The new century brings the promise of new opportunity, growth in trade, and the expansion of democracy and the rule of law. As we embrace our role as a world leader, we must accept our responsibility to remain engaged and ever vigilant to potential threats. We must have a cohesive foreign policy that keeps America’s interests in the forefront, builds new partnerships & alliances, and promotes the expansion of freedom & peace
Source: Issues Briefing, www.lazio.com May 4, 2000

Supports restitution of Holocaust assets

On restitution of holocaust assets: [I support] extending the US Holocaust Commission for one year and authorizing additional appropriations. The efforts of so many prominent Americans to pursue justice for Holocaust victims and their families demonstrates irrefutably that we in the United States are willing to hold ourselves to the same high standard of truth about Holocaust assets to which we have held other nations.
Source: Press Release; by Heather O’Farrell Feb 9, 2000

Pay our UN debt