Jan Ting on Immigration


Comprehensive immigration reform is a defeatist solution

TING: The immigration system is completely broken down. Every night of the year thousands of people cross our borders. Laws that are not enforced are not really laws. A nation that can't defend its own borders is not really a nation. The solution that Sen. Carper has proposed, which he calls comprehensive immigration reform, amounts to an amnesty with Social Security credit for illegal aliens, and permission for them to bring their families into the US, immediately, without numerical limits, from anywhere in the world. I think that's a defeatist solution and frankly I don't think that's a solution at all. One amnesty will simply lead to another. If we want open borders, then we ought to support Sen. Carper's plan. If we want to maintain control of our borders, and defend the most generous legal immigration system in the world, then vote for Jan Ting.

CARPER: It's unlawful for illegal aliens to receive Social Security. They can't do it under the law [nor the comprehensive immigration reform].

Source: Delaware 2006 Senate Debate, hosted by WHYY-TV Oct 20, 2006

San Diego fence works--extend it to entire Mexican border

The son of Chinese immigrants, Ting has made toughening immigration controls his key theme. Ting opposes a bill approved in May by Carper and the Senate by a 63-36 vote that would allow illegal immigrants who have been here at least five years to become citizens after paying fines, fees and taxes, and learning English. Those here two to five years would return to their native county and apply to return, but those here less than two years would have to leave. Nor does Ting think beefing up current border security would stem the tide of illegal immigrants, now estimated at 12 million. "That's not going to work unless we're going to lay hands across America 24/7." What America needs, Ting believes, is a fence along much-if not all-of the Mexican border. He notes that a 14-mile-long fence in San Diego has reduced the flood of undocumented immigrants into California to a trickle. "It's been dramatic,'' Ting said. "People were moving away from San Diego because they couldn't stand the crime.''
Source: Cris Barrish, The Delaware News Journal, "Republican issues" Sep 3, 2006

No amnesty for illegal aliens

Jan is opposed to the 2006 Senate bill which would grant amnesty and social security credit to illegal aliens. As the son of immigrants, and as former Assistant Commissioner of Immigration and Naturalization, Jan knows that there is a right way to come to the United States. Jan believes our first duty is to support the millions of people around the world who are standing in line and waiting their turn to come to America legally.
Source: Campaign website, voteTing.com, "Issues" Aug 31, 2006

Secure our southern border with a physical barrier

Jan believes we need to secure our southern border with a physical barrier before we can begin to address the symptoms of illegal immigration. Jan says, "Border security must come first. We must do what we know works, physical barriers, and not only what we know doesn't work, adding more agents and technology. Second, we must actually enforce our immigration laws, the most generous in the world, and employer sanctions."
Source: Campaign website, voteTing.com, "Issues" Aug 31, 2006

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