David Redick on Immigration

Republican Senate Challenger

End birthright citizenship for children of illegal aliens

Dave's position: Employers should be required to verify legal status of all current employees and then all new hires, of any ethnic group, and have the government ship the illegal persons home. Hence, there would be no charges of profiling. Borders and temporary resident permits should be enforced. The 14th Amendment should be revised or interpreted, so 'birthright citizenship' does not apply to children of illegal aliens.
Source: Campaign website, www.redick2006.com, "Issues" Feb 22, 2006

Adopt English as an official language

Since the loosened rules in the Immigration Act of 1965 a flood of immigrants, then their relatives, have come to the US primarily for jobs, and benefits, and most have no intention of learning English or assimilating (i.e., becoming `Americans'). Proficiency in English should be a requirement for citizenship. The US should adopt English as an official language for all government documents and discussions, including voting info. This will reduce costs, and encourage assimilation.
Source: Campaign website, www.redick2006.com, "Issues" Feb 22, 2006

Multiculturalism causes cultural disintegration

The concept of 'hyphenated Americans' should be discouraged, since it tends to slow assimilation. Having public documents (by both business and government) issued in multiple languages, and so-called `multiculturalism', creates a trend toward cultural disintegration in any country. One of the best solutions is to improve the legal immigration process. Excessive delays (years), and rude staff (both are typical problems in government programs), cause many otherwise honest immigrants to sneak in.
Source: Campaign website, www.redick2006.com, "Issues" Feb 22, 2006

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