David Pfeffer on War & Peace


Removing Middle East dictators sets people free

When we were attacked in September 11th, we felt shock, concern and deep patriotism. Our enemies, we learned, think it right to kill us by killing themselves. Now, by removing dictators from the Middle East, we give people reason to live. We set people free.
Source: Campaign website, www.pfeffer-for-senate.org, "Why" Jan 21, 2006

Changed parties after 9/11 to support fight for freedom

Q: Why did you change parties?

A: Ronald Reagan once said, "I didn't leave the Democratic Party - the Democratic Party left me." For me, this was a long time coming. After September Eleventh, after my former party could not stay the course in our fight for freedom, I endorsed the President's reelection. I was still a Democrat, but that party went on a binge of hateful accusation which, despite the results, has not ceased. But we were, and still are, at war.

Source: Campaign website, www.pfeffer-for-senate.org, "FAQs" Jan 21, 2006

OK to attack Iraq even if president lied thru his teeth

Q: But the President lied. How can you support a war based on a lie?

A: I do not believe the Presidnet lied. But even if he lied through his teeth, we are still doing the right thing in the Middle East. I am not alone in this belief. There are millions of purple fingers raised in defiance and joy that prove the value of liberty.

Source: Campaign website, www.pfeffer-for-senate.org, "FAQs" Jan 21, 2006

Iraq has everything to do with September Eleventh

Q: Iraq didn't attack us. What does Iraq have to do with September Eleventh?

A: Everything. The self-proclaimed enemy of America is radical Islam. The self-assigned tactic is terror. The root cause of terror is the dictatorships of the Middle East. Autocracy gives young people little to live for. Radical Islam gives young people everything to die for. But freedom gives young people reason to live. Democracies are slow to war & less likely to attack their neighbors. Freedom is the antidote to terror It is the most powerful weapon we have in our struggle to survive. Freedom planted in the heart of the Middle East is planting terror in the heart of the terrorists. Tyranny cannot tolerate liberty. It robs their recruitment halls of suicide bombers. Iraq, in the heart of the Middle East, was a tyranny desperately in need of freedom. What better way to prosecute the war on terror than by the liberation of Iraq? We are now invested in the long term gift of freedom to the people of the Middle East.

Source: Campaign website, www.pfeffer-for-senate.org, "FAQs" Jan 21, 2006

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