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Service to God, to family, to state and country

In everything I've done in my life, I have believed in the concept of service--to the God that I serve, to my family that I love, to the state that is my home and to the country that is still the greatest hope for liberty and freedom in the world. For all of these reasons, I'm announcing my campaign to be your next Governor of Mississippi.

As a lifelong conservative, I won elections three times to the Mississippi Supreme Court, and I was honored to be endorsed by the Mississippi Republican Party because of my record, values and principles. Given the undeniable landscape of this year's election, I am the conservative Republican with the best chance to win in November.

Source: 2019 Mississippi Governor campaign website BillWallerJr.com , May 2, 2019

I'm a Republican; but voting in Democratic primaries ok

In the last three local elections in 2015, 2011 and 2007, Bill Waller, the now-declared Republican primary candidate for governor has voted in the Democratic primary, according to public voting records. The judicial elections in which he was a candidate are non-partisan. His father served as governor in the 1970s as a Democrat.

The Waller campaign says voting Democrat in primaries was not an indicator of party leanings or even a faux pas. Waller's vote in statewide Democrat primaries was done so he could vote in local elections he cared about that featured Democratic candidates he valued over Republican candidates. "Bill Waller is a conservative Republican who was endorsed by the Mississippi Republican Party when he was elected to the Supreme Court," said a statement issued by the campaign. "He's voted in Republican presidential primaries to support John McCain, Mitt Romney and Donald Trump.

Source: YallPolitics.com blog on 2019 Mississippi Governor's race , Mar 1, 2019

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