Stan Jones on Government Reform


Earmarks are unconstitutional incumbency protection

Q: Which of the 34 Montana earmarks in the latest transportation bill qualify as unjustified pork?

TESTER: The current process of earmarking in the middle of the night, without transparency, is the wrong way for representative democracy to be working.

JONES: Which qualify as unjustified pork? ALL of them. The federal transportation bill has become the true pork-barrel bill that Congress uses to enhance the ability of incumbents to get re-elected. They always put something in this bill so they can brag about all the money they brought to the state, all of which most likely is unconstitutional. Transportation bills should be for transportation. And very little federal money should be spent on transportation. Transportation is a state issue and should be funded by state funds. All 34 earmarks are unconstitutional and should be eliminated.

BURNS: I'm proud about what I brought back to Montana. That money's going to be spent somewhere in America, and I want Montana to get her share.

Source: 2006 Montana 3-way Senate Debate at MSU Oct 9, 2006

Increase individual limits on campaign donations; & no PACs

Source: 2006 Congressional National Political Awareness Test Aug 29, 2006

Drastically reduce state government

For many years I have recognized that something is vitally wrong with our government. We seem to vote for people who promise to improve things. But regardless of who we vote for (Republican or Democrat) we get the same thing-more government and higher taxes. I'm running for Governor to drastically reduce state government. To get government out of your pocket book, out of your bank account, out of your business, out of your home, and out of your life.
Source: Campaign website, www.mtlp.org/jones, "To the People of MT" Jan 24, 2006

All elected offices should have term limits

All elected offices should have term limits. We must put government into the hands of the citizens, not elitist politicians. I would even propose a total overall limit of time that any single person could serve in all elected offices.
Source: Campaign website, www.mtlp.org/jones, "Issues" Jan 24, 2006

No public finance of political campaigns

The public (government) should never finance political campaigns. I think the financing of political campaigns should be an individual matter. However, only individuals (people with a heartbeat) should be able to contribute. There should be a restriction on unions, churches, professional associations and other organizations, from contributing or providing "in kind" services.
Source: Campaign website, www.mtlp.org/jones, "Issues" Jan 24, 2006

No public financing of the arts, but encouragement ok

Government should encourage the arts but never finance the arts. All artists should earn recognition and receive financing from private sources.
Source: Campaign website, www.mtlp.org/jones, "Issues" Jan 24, 2006

Privatize all possible government services

Every possibility of privatizing government "services" must be explored on a constant basis. Government agencies should have to "bid" against private businesses every year.
Source: Campaign website, www.mtlp.org/jones, "Issues" Jan 24, 2006

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