Ford Bell on Tax Reform


People should pay their fair share

Tax rates are very low by historical standards. During the 1950s, top marginal tax rates were 90%. I'm not talking about 90% tax rates, but I believe people should pay their fair share. It's up to out leaders to show how their tax dollars have value -- help educate our children; help us develop cures for cancer; help us improve our transportation; help us be more secure.
Source: MN 2006 Senate debates - MPR interview Jan 26, 2006

Tax-and-spend better than tax-and-borrow

Q: What if you're called a tax-and-spend liberal?

A: It's better to be a tax-and-spend liberal than a tax-and-borrow Republican.

Source: MN 2006 Senate debates - MPR interview Jan 26, 2006

Focus on minimum wage, not wealthy estate tax

Our leadership has fought to protect the wealthy from paying their fair share of taxes by providing tax cuts to those who need them least. They are determined to eliminate the estate tax, which only affects the very wealthiest Americans (in 2000, only 2% of estates nationally were affected). And, they have resolutely barred the door against any increase in the federal minimum wage, stuck at $5.15 per hour for years. Unfortunately, they've also been as resolute in their neglect of the poorest among us.
Source: Campaign website, www.FordBell.com, "Issues" Dec 25, 2005

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