Stan Jones on Crime


Supports the death penalty

Source: 2006 Congressional National Political Awareness Test Aug 29, 2006

Require aggressors to pay restitution and costs of jail

In Montana (and all of America) we are not discouraging law breakers because our court system is not focused on the victim. We must reorient courts to focus on victim restitution. I propose a system wherein aggressors would be required to compensate their victims. In addition, they would also have to pay the cost of police apprehension and the costs of their trial. If they were imprisoned, they would also have to pay the cost of incarceration.

The aggressor could remain free but would still have to pay the debt. Those aggressors who did not pay would go to a working prison. In that case the amount owed by the aggressor would be increased by the costs of imprisonment. Most aggressors would probably make the payments rather than risk the huge increase in obligation and the loss of their liberty for such a long time.

This entire system could eventually be privatized-police, courts, jails-all of it! The aggressors would eventually pay for all of it. Crime would be significantly reduced.

Source: Campaign website, www.mtlp.org/jones, "Issues" Jan 24, 2006

Not all sins should be crimes

Of the "civilized" nations, America has the highest percentage of its population in prison. Are we that bad? I don't believe so. We have far too many crimes. Not all sins should be crimes. We must draw the line at some appropriate point. Activities without victims are not crimes. (And society is not a victim!). Consensual behavior is none of the governments' business.
Source: Campaign website, www.mtlp.org/jones, "Issues" Jan 24, 2006

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