Rudy Giuliani on Crime

Giuliani backs police in Bronx killing

With regards to the Diallo verdict, Giulianin said, “If police officers act in the line of duty to protect a community against violent criminals and drug dealers, then that the community should stand up and support them when police officers’ lives are put in jeopardy.” Although Mr. Giuliani was asked several times how he could answer concerns in the neighborhood about police brutality,he did not directly answer.
Source: New York Times, Page A-23 Mar 3, 2000

Home ownership decreases crime

Creating more home ownership in the City would do great things for us. I learned this way back when I was a US Attorney General and I first heard about the Nehemiah program, which did tremendous work during a period of time when the City was enduring a huge crime wave. They understand that the more people who own their own homes and have a real stake in the community, the better off a city is -- not just in terms of crime, but many other things. New York has to increase home ownership.
Source: State of the City Address Jan 13, 2000

Need DNA Lab to Combat Crime

One of the things we need in New York City is a major state of the art DNA Lab. DNA is being used in England to solve crimes in a much higher percentage than here in America, and their example shows how well it can work.
Source: 2000 State of City Address Jan 13, 2000

Crime cut in half in NYC

NYC used to be known as one of the most dangerous cities in the nation. In the early 1990s, the city routinely suffered over 2000 murders a year. Under Rudy Giuliani’s leadership, overall crime has been cut in half and murders have decreased by 70%. In fact, between 1993 and 1997, New York City accounted for 25% of the Nation’s total crime decline and the FBI recognized New York as the “Safest Large City in America.”
Source: RudyYes.com, “Proven Leadership” web site Dec 9, 1999

“CompStat” system stresses police accountability

The City’s innovative CompStat system uses the most advanced crime tracking technology available to pin-point crime trends citywide. As a result of this system, police can stop a crime trend before it becomes a crime wave. The CompStat system stresses accountability, from the cop on the beat to the Police Commissioner. This shift in philosophy has contributed to a significant reduction in police officers’ use of force. In fact, the NYPD is the most restrained big city police department in the nation.
Source: RudyYes.com, “Proven Leadership” web site Dec 9, 1999

Giuliani’s sampling: large drops in all violent crime

Source: RudyYes.com, “Proven Leadership” web site Dec 9, 1999

Quality of Life initiatives as well as crime reduction

Source: RudyYes.com, “Proven Leadership” web site Dec 9, 1999

Risk cannot be eliminated, but take security seriously

You let the terrorists accomplish their objectives in reducing the reasonable and sensible options that people have in a free society. So we have spent a lot of time planning for this, we have an enormous amount invested in security and both Y2K and otherwise. No mayor, no governor, no president can offer anyone perfect security. You’ve got to be able to deal with a certain level of risk in anything that you do. It exists and what we’re doing is everything we reasonably can do to reduce that risk.
Source: Time/CNN.com Jul 12, 1999

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