Dwight Grotberg on Civil Rights


Opposes requiring minority/women hiring

Q: Do you support or oppose requiring companies to hire more women & minorities?

A: Oppose.

Source: Email interview with OnTheIssues.org Jul 9, 2006

No civil rights protections for sexual orientation

Q: Do you support or oppose that sexual orientation is protected by civil rights laws?

A: Strongly oppose

Source: Email interview with OnTheIssues.org Jul 9, 2006

We need a Constitutional amendment on flag protection

The American flag is an important symbol for our country. Senator Kent Conrad and his opponent Dwight Grotberg say the flag should be protected. But they each have a different way to go about it.

Senator Kent Conrad says, "I think we should be very conservative about amending the constitution of the United States. It`s one of the greatest documents in human history. And I don`t think we should be amending it if there is an alternative. And there clearly is the legislation that we`re advancing would protect the flag with a federal law."

Senator Conrad`s opponent for the US Senate does not agree. Dwight Grotberg says a constitutional amendment is necessary to protect the flag. Dwight Grotberg says, "I think it`s been proven that a statute will no longer protect our flag. We have judges in the land that will overturn that quite easily."

The House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed the measure for a constitutional amendment. It`s scheduled for a vote in the Senate in a few weeks.

Source: KFYR-TV, "Flag Amendment", by Brandi Powell Jun 12, 2006

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