David Redick on Gun Control

Republican Senate Challenger

Absolute right to guns, if used safely by non-criminals

Q: Should there be an absolute right to gun ownership?

A: Yes, if no prior record of bad conduct that makes owner a risk. Prosecution for violations of safe and proper use should be the means of protection, just as with other deadly objects such as cars and knives.

Source: Email interview with OnTheIssues.org Mar 6, 2006

Second amendment only applies to state militias

The second amendment to the Constitution is usually cited as the legal basis to own a gun, but this is related to state militias (why else mention it). In fact, gun ownership is an inherent right, the same as owning a potentially lethal device such as a car, knife or ball bat, and it is only improper use that is subject to regulation. Concern over home gun safety is more emotional than real. The record shows that gun-owners are very safety conscious.
Source: Campaign website, www.redick2006.com, "Issues" Feb 22, 2006

Leave responsible gun owners alone

Since the 1930s the population has more than doubled, the number of guns in the US has quintupled, yet firearm accidents have been cut in half. In England, Canada, and Australia where gun ownership is highly restricted, burglaries and muggings have increased because criminals feel safe. In states where concealed-carry is allowed, muggings decrease because criminals are afraid their targets may be armed. Dave says activists should focus on other threats and leave responsible gun owners alone.
Source: Campaign website, www.redick2006.com, "Issues" Feb 22, 2006

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