Noam Chomsky on Education

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Supports state funding of higher education

Take California. What they are doing to the public education system is going to undermine the economy that relies on a skilled work force. Apart from the enormous cost of depriving most people of decent educational opportunities, these policies undermine competitive capacity. Suppose that universities are not funded by the state. How are they going to survive? The funding issue raises troubling questions, which would not arise if fostering independent thought was regarded as a public good.
Source: Lecture at University of Toronto, "Academic Freedom" , Apr 6, 2011

Education must provide opportunities for self-fulfillment

Noam Chomsky said, "Education must provide the opportunities for self-fulfillment; it can at best provide a rich and challenging environment for the individual to explore, in his own way."

Problem: Florida needs to further integrate the principles of freedom, competition, and choice into the education marketplace.

Parents know their children best. Consequently, parents should have the means and ability to influence their children's education.

Source: 100 Innovative Ideas, by Marco Rubio, p. 36 , Nov 1, 2006

Corporate propaganda in schools instills obedience

Right after WWII, a huge campaign of corporate propaganda began, which went after everything, including the schools. By the early 1950s about 1/3 of the material in schools, meaning textbooks and so on, was straight business propaganda. That's 1/3 of the total material, and the rest was very heavily influenced by it. Well, even the most dedicated teacher is going to be heavily influenced by that kind of pressure. It makes a difference. The schools, by and large, now instill obedience and acceptance of the doctrines preferred by those who have the power to fight what they call "the everlasting battle for the minds of men." This pattern goes right through college and through the professions.
Source: Dialogues, by Gov. Jerry Brown, p.220 , Feb 12, 1996

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