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Colin Van Ostern: Restore matching funds for victims of domestic violence

More than one in five women in higher education face sexual assault, and Colin believes that this violence must be elevated beyond a campus concern to become a statewide policy concern. Building upon the work of the University of New Hampshire's Sexual Harassment & Rape Prevention Program (SHARPP), Colin will work to bring together campus administrators to implement common reporting guidelines and share evidence-based best practices statewide for reducing on-campus sexual assault.

As Governor, Colin will work to restore state matching funds for victims of domestic [violence] and expand initiatives aimed at preventing domestic and sexual violence, so victims and those at-risk have the support services that they need. Between the better collection of sexual assault data, improved coordination between university administrations, and stronger support services for domestic and sexual assault victims, Colin will work to reduce incidences of abuse.

Source: 2016 N.H. Gubernatorial campaign website Aug 31, 2016

Derek Dextraze: 25-year minimum prison sentences are effective

Q: Do you support or oppose the statement, "Stricter punishment reduces crime?"

A: Strongly Support - If a Heroin Dealer gets 25 year minimum in prison, you think he will take the chance selling it?

Source: Email interview: 2016 N.H. gubernatorial race by OnTheIssues Mar 14, 2016

Donald Trump: Police can't act due to disrespect; but weed out bad ones

Q: The FBI director said there's a chill wind blowing through law enforcement because of increased scrutiny. How do you bridge the divide?

TRUMP: The police are absolutely mistreated and misunderstood, and if there is an incident--whether it's an incident done purposely, which is a horror, and you should really take very strong action--or if it is a mistake, it's on your newscasts, and it never ends. The police in this country have done an unbelievable job of keeping law and order, and they're afraid for their jobs, they're afraid of the mistreatment they get, and I'm telling you that not only, me speaking, minorities all over the country, they respect the police of this country and we have to give them more respect. They can't act. They're afraid for losing their pension, their job. They don't know what to do. They want to do their job. And you're going to have abuse and you're going to have problems, and you've got to solve the problems and you have to weed out the problems.

Source: 2016 ABC Republican debate on eve of N.H. primary Feb 6, 2016

Bernie Sanders: Police officers should not be shooting unarmed people

Today we have more people in jail than any other country on earth, 2.2 million people. Predominantly African-American and Hispanic. We are spending $80 billion a year locking up Americans. I think we need a major effort to come together and end institutional racism. We need major reforms of a broken criminal justice system. What does that mean? Well, for a start it means that police officers should not be shooting unarmed people, predominantly African-Americans.
Source: 2015 ABC/WMUR Democratic primary debate in N.H. Dec 19, 2015

Bernie Sanders: Jobs and education, not jails and incarceration

I was a mayor for eight years, worked closely with a police department. What we did is move that department toward community policing, so that the officers become part of the community and not, as we see, in some cities an oppressive force. We need to make police departments look like the communities they serve in terms of diversity. We need to end minimal sentencing. We need to pledge that we're going to invest in this country, in jobs and education, not more jails and incarceration.
Source: 2015 ABC/WMUR Democratic primary debate in N.H. Dec 19, 2015

Hillary Clinton: Rebuild trust between communities and police

We have systemic racism and in particular, in our justice system that must be addressed. We have to reform our criminal justice system and we have to find ways to bring law enforcement together with the communities they are sworn to protect. Trust has been totally lost in a lot of places. We need to get a bipartisan commitment to work on this. We need to hear the voices of those who feel like strangers in their own country, so that we can begin to rebuild trust.
Source: 2015 ABC/WMUR Democratic primary debate in N.H. Dec 19, 2015

Martin O`Malley: Policing the police: more transparency on use of force

There is no issue that I have worked on more than this painful issue of policing law enforcement. When I ran for mayor of Baltimore, our city had become the most violent and abandoned in America. I brought people together, and we were able to put our city on the path for the biggest reduction in crime of any major city. There wasn't a single day that I wasn't asked whether I was delivering on the promise I made to police the police. We reported excessive force, discourtesy, use of lethal force.
Source: 2015 ABC/WMUR Democratic primary debate in N.H. Dec 19, 2015

Jon Lavoie: Treatment for some criminal offences instead of jail

Q: Do you support or oppose the statement, "Stricter punishment reduces crime"?

A: Depending upon the crime. Certain criminal offences now require treatment more than jail time

Source: Email interview for 2016 N.H. Governor race with OnTheIssues Oct 18, 2015

Maggie Hassan: 15 more state troopers on state roads

Public safety is truly our most important responsibility, so we need to make sure we maintain the basic public safety infrastructure that allows local officials to keep us safe. Over the last few years, we have taken 30 state troopers off of our roads and out of our communities. People in our most rural areas should not have to wait more than an hour for the nearest state trooper to arrive. To improve the safety of our people, this budget puts 15 more troopers on the road.
Source: 2013 State of the State N.H. Budget Address Feb 14, 2013

Maggie Hassan: Provide capital funds to build a new women's prison

We must ensure that our corrections system is as effective as possible, with modern facilities to keep dangerous criminals off of our streets and programs to prevent those who serve their punishment from returning to a life of crime.

For too long, our corrections system has woefully neglected women. Like our men's prison, our women's prison must offer facilities that can provide the programs that help individuals safely move back into society when they have served their sentences.

To ensure justice and to improve our public safety, this capital budget includes the funds necessary to build a new women's prison. It is time; we cannot delay this any longer.

Source: 2013 State of the State N.H. Budget Address Feb 14, 2013

John Lynch: Maintain truth-in-sentencing law

Q: Do you support alternatives to incarceration for certain non-violent offenders, such as mandatory counseling or substance abuse treatment?

A: I support expanding counseling and substance abuse treatment. But we must maintain our truth-in-sentencing law and ensure that offenders serve at least all of their minimum sentences.

Source: N.H. Gubernatorial 2010 PVS Political Courage Test Nov 3, 2010

John Lynch: Support NHs current death penalty

I support NHs current death penalty law. As Governor, I fought for and signed one of the toughest laws in the nation against sexual predators, and we passed new laws cracking down on the dangerous drug crystal meth. We recently opened a new youth facility, and are improving our adult corrections system.
Source: 2006 N.H. Gubernatorial National Political Awareness Test Nov 7, 2006

Jeanne Shaheen: Broaden use of the death penalty

Source: 1996 N.H. gubernatorial National Political Awareness Test Nov 1, 1996

Jeanne Shaheen: Require truth in sentencing

Source: 1996 N.H. gubernatorial National Political Awareness Test Nov 1, 1996

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