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Benjamin Cardin: Regulate nanotechnology in products; develop best practices

Q: Do you believe the FDA receives adequate funding to accomplish its mission, or not?

Cardin selected, "No."

Cardin adds, "American families need a well-funded and fully-staffed watchdog agency to oversee the quality of products they rely upon for nutrition and health care. Headquartered in Maryland, the FDA has a broad mission--not only to ensure the safety of our food supply and existing medical drugs and devices--but also to approve applications for new drugs and devices to be marketed to the public. I have co-introduced the Nanotechnology Regulatory Science Act of 2011, which would establish a program within the FDA to assess the health and safety implications of using nanotechnology in everyday products and develop best practices for companies using nanotechnology. This new program would bring more highly-skilled research jobs to Maryland. The legislation authorizes $48 million over three years, starting in 2013."

Source: Your Candidates Your Health: 2012 Maryland Senate debates

Thomas Perez: We must build equitable digital infrastructure

Broadband has become an essential service in Maryland's digital economy, in essence, the electricity or running water of the 21st century. Access to broadband is not just a rural issue, it is an issue that Marylanders feel all across the state. We must build equitable digital infrastructure to close the digital divide, especially in rural and urban communities.
Source: 2021 Maryland Governor campaign website Jul 18, 2021

Ben Jealous: Make investment in infrastructure a must-have priority

As governor, Jealous will prioritize investment in Port infrastructure to grow jobs for Maryland and the Baltimore region. He will used renewed investment in clean energy, transportation, and leverage other strengths including proximity to world-class research and technology institutions to bring manufacturing back to the Port of Baltimore.
Source: 2018 Maryland Gubernatorial campaign website, Jun 26, 2018

Tony Campbell: Secure America's infrastructure against foreign actors

Q: What will be your top priority in Congress?

Campbell: As a member of the United States Senate, the top priority must be on protecting America's interest domestically and globally. My top focus will be Securing America's infrastructure against foreign actors (cyber, energy and transportation).

Source: on 2018 Maryland Senate race Apr 6, 2018

Chelsea Manning: Business is collecting data on us, creating a life pattern

The real power of mass data collection lies in the hand-tailored algorithms capable of sifting, sorting and identifying patterns within the data itself. When enough information is collected over time, governments and corporations can use or abuse those patterns to predict future human behavior. Our data establishes a "pattern of life" from seemingly harmless digital residue like cellphone tower pings, credit card transactions and web browsing histories.
Source: N.Y. Times on 2018 Maryland Senate race Sep 13, 2017

Richard Madaleno: Investment for all transportation, not partisan slush fund

In 2013, I led the successful effort to fund critical transportation improvements. The governor then cherry-picked projects to eliminate, and redirected the money to places that voted for him, benefitting a privileged few supporters, and sacrificing our long-term economic interests for his short-term political gain. We need to return to the 2013 plan and stop using taxpayer money as a slush fund to reward friends and punish supposed enemies.
Source: 2018 Maryland Gubernatorial website Aug 8, 2017

Arvin Vohra: Technology can lower prices if barriers are gone

We don't need minor reforms on government insurance. We need a free market in healthcare. Today's advanced technology would have actually lowered the price even more without government interference, as technology has in every other industry. Laser eye surgery, on the other hand, is advanced, futuristic technology. In the last decades, price competition in the non-insurance market has lowered the price of laser eye surgery from several thousand dollars per eye to a few hundred dollars per eye
Source: The Libertarian Vindicator on 2018 Maryland Senatorial race May 7, 2017

Alec Ross: Obama/Clinton advisor on internet freedom & technology

Alec was inspired to get involved in politics during Barack Obama's historic campaign in 2008. He joined the Obama campaign at its outset, convening leaders from the technology and innovation sectors to draft new policies that promoted economic development and government openness and transparency. And after serving on the Obama-Biden Transition Team, Alec was appointed Senior Advisor for Innovation to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. In that role, he developed new and creative ways to use technology and innovation to serve America's diplomatic agenda around the world, and was the diplomatic lead on a range of issues including Internet Freedom and the use of network technologies in conflict zones.

After leaving the State Department, Alec wrote a book titled "The Industries of the Future" which lays out a series of new ideas for ways that everyday workers can seize new economic opportunities and steps that parents can take to better prepare their children.

Source: 2018 Maryland gubernatorial campaign website May 2, 2017

Larry Hogan: Fix all 69 structurally deficient bridges that we inherited

Two years ago, Maryland had crumbling roads and bridges and some of the worst traffic congestion in the nation. Now, thanks to our unprecedented investments, we are finally moving forward on the top priority transportation projects in every single jurisdiction all across the state. We are fixing all 69 structurally deficient bridges that we inherited.

We currently have 1,073 transportation projects under construction all across the state. It is historic and unprecedented.

Source: 2017 State of the State address to Maryland Legislature Feb 1, 2017

Anthony Brown: Public Private Partnership for infrastructure investments

Source: 2016 Maryland House campaign website Nov 8, 2016

Jamie Raskin: Green Deal: massive investment in eroding infrastructure

Jamie has called for a "Green Deal" in America. "We need massive public investment in our eroding infrastructure," he says, "to repair our failing roads, bridges, tunnel and schools, and we should do it in a way that jump-starts and catalyzes the renewable energy technologies we need to protect ourselves from climate change."
Source: 2016 Maryland House campaign website Nov 8, 2016

Martin O`Malley: $25M more for road improvements

Over the last several years, monies for local road improvements have been slashed by up to 96 percent. Our administration is committed to restoring the money that was taken from the transportation trust fund, and to making sure that it never happens again.

Today I am pleased to announce a supplemental to our FY2016 budget that will increase Highway User Revenues by $25 million and give counties and municipalities the most money for road improvements that they have received since FY 2009.

Further, we are committed to increasing the local share of Highway User Revenues from 10% today to its original high point of 30% over the next 8 years.

Source: State of the State address to 2015 Maryland Legislature Feb 4, 2015

Dan Bongino: Return the United States to being a center of innovation

Q: 90% of Americans polled agreed that the US is in danger of losing its global competitive edge in science, technology, and innovation. Earlier this year, it was reported that China is catching up to the US in R&D investment, surpassing Japan as second to the US. If you are elected, will maintaining America's global competitive edge in science, technology, and innovation be a priority for you, or not?

Bongino selected, "A high priority."

Bongino added, "The United States led the world in science and innovation over the last two centuries. We gained our position by virtue of our commitment to free market principles. If we focus our energy on free markets and free people, we can harness our natural resources and human capital, and return the United States to being a center of innovation, not just the recipients of it. We need emphasize to research and development which will power our domestic economy, while making us competitive in the global economy."

Source: Your Candidates Your Health: 2012 Maryland Senate debates Jun 15, 2012

Martin O`Malley: $156M for One Maryland Broadband Network

We must create an economy that is "built to last." Maryland is leading the charge for our country's better future: by harnessing innovation; by modernizing our Port, opening the Inter-County Connector; expanding rural broadband; and building new schools & modern classrooms:
Source: 2012 Maryland State of the State Address Feb 3, 2012

Martin O`Malley: 21st Century cyber-infrastructure & rural broadband network

Together, in so many ways, we are also building a 21st Century cyber-infrastructure. Our Health Information Exchange and first-responder interoperable communications network, will protect public health and public safety. The statewide rural broadband network we're building will effectively connect every county in Maryland to the information superhighway--thanks to President Obama and our congressional delegation. Through the Sustainable Communities Tax Credit, we're helping create 700 jobs. By moving forward with the Red Line and the Purple Line, we're striking a more sustainable balance between roads and transit. To connect the infrastructure of a stronger future, we are working together to grow smarter: protecting more open space, and advancing strategies like Transit Oriented Development.
Source: 2011 Maryland State of the State Address Feb 3, 2011

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