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Kelly M. Schulz: Served in House of Delegates and as Labor Secretary

Maryland Commerce Secretary Kelly Schulz is running for governor in 2022. She is running as a Republican. Schulz has served as head of the state's economic development department under Hogan since 2019. She previously led the state's labor department and served in the Maryland House of Delegates.
Source: KPVI TV 6 NBC News on 2022 Maryland Gubernatorial race Apr 22, 2021

John B. King: A progressive problem solver; work to expand opportunity

King is the president and CEO of The Education Trust, a nonprofit aimed at closing achievement gaps for low-income and minority students. Last October, King also launched a political advocacy group--Strong Future Maryland--to back progressive policies and press state lawmakers on many of the same issues. "I am a progressive problem solver who has been in government roles doing the work to expand opportunity for folks," King said.
Source: Baltimore Sun on 2022 Maryland Gubernatorial race Apr 20, 2021

John B. King: Teacher, administrator, Obama's Secretary of Education

King, the former U.S. secretary of Education under President Obama, announced his 2022 gubernatorial bid Tuesday. Education will be one of King's foremost talking points on the campaign trail, and he touted his lengthy resume as an educator in his announcement. King started his career as a teacher and school administrator, and later became New York State's commissioner of education before joining the Obama administration.
Source: blog on 2022 Maryland Gubernatorial race Apr 20, 2021

Michael Steele: If you're not ready to listen, you will never learn

He offered advice to those interested in a career in politics, especially students. "If you don't know who you are, don't get in this game," Steele said. "If you're not ready to shut up and listen to what people around you are saying, you will never learn and, therefore, you will never grow, and, therefore, you will never be that good leader you want to be." He spoke further on the traits of a good leader. "Always be prepared to lead, but never be afraid to follow," Steele said.

"When I criticized Donald Trump, I didn't really care what anybody else inside the party thought about that because I was sharing my conviction,"˙Steele said. Steele disagreed with the practice of blindly following the leader of the party you support.˙"This is not about one man, nor should it be,"˙Steele said.˙"It's not about the party. It's about the country I live in."

Source: Tufts Daily on 2022 Maryland Governor race Apr 2, 2021

Michael Steele: Religion set how I come to view and experience the world

Steele grew up as a devout Catholic and studied for the priesthood. Steele said his religious upbringing was a big contributor to his future career. "It was grounding, it was very, very important," Steele said. "It set for me how I would ultimately come to view the world and how I would experience the world, how I find the water's edge where things are not any longer political but they're, in fact, about people."
Source: Tufts Daily on 2022 Maryland Governor race Apr 2, 2021

Peter Franchot: Measure commitment not by money spent, but results we demand

[On policy methods]: "The lighted path forward is embodied by a new approach to public policy--one that measures one's commitment to an issue not by the amount of taxpayer money that we are willing to spend, but by the results that we demand in return."
Source: 2022 Maryland gubernatorial campaign website Feb 18, 2021

Larry Hogan: Return to the party of Lincoln and Reagan

I gave a major address at the Reagan Institute where I said this is a time for choosing. You have to decide if we're going to return to the party of Lincoln and Reagan, or we're going to keep heading down this path of worshipping at the altar of Donald Trump. A lot of people, I think, chose wrongly. I'm embarrassed and ashamed of some of the members of Congress, some of the senators for their actions, especially after this attack on the Capitol, that they continued to head in that direction.
Source: CNN State of the Union interview for 2022 Maryland governor Jan 10, 2021

Larry Hogan: Return GOP to its roots, become a bigger tent

Q: What kind of influence does Trump have after he leaves the White House?

HOGAN: There's an awful lot of people that want to be the next Donald Trump. But I'm going to be fighting to try to return our party to its roots, and to become a bigger tent party to reach out, a more Reaganesque party, more positive, hopeful vision for the future.

Source: ABC This Week interview for 2022 Maryland gubernatorial race Dec 27, 2020

Michael Steele: Trump turned GOP from honorable party to personality cult

In a life spent advancing Republican principles, I had the privilege to do so when it was not particularly easy. But I saw an opportunity to grow those Republican principles in a new way, to go a bit against the grain, to push back on the "establishment" mindset. More and more of the men and women who once stood on the front lines of moving the party into the future were forced to retreat and watch Trump turn the Republican Party from an honorable political movement into a cult of personality.

We believe our system of government is one of the greatest achievements in history, especially building a society that respects the rights to life and liberty. We believe America is a force for good in the world, even as we acknowledge that our history is hardly perfect. We believe that the rights of the individual should be treated with the utmost respect. We believe that our nation matters to a living God. We believe that freedom is worth fighting for. Our president does not.

Source: The Hill on 2022 Maryland Governor race Aug 31, 2020

Robin Ficker: Was noted NBA heckler; they responded with "Ficker rule"

Robin Ficker is at the top of the list. For 13 years, he sat behind the guest bench in Washington and heckled everyone. Everyone, every game in the season. His exploits went so far that the Washington Bullets (now Wizards) moved his seats away from the opposition bench. Not only that, they enforced "the Ficker rule." His heckling became so problematic during time-outs that it became forbidden to do anything that would interfere with communication between players and coaches during a time-out.
Source: Basketball Network on 2022 Maryland gubernatorial race Oct 11, 2018

Ian Schlakman: Opposes keeping God in the public sphere

Q: Do you support or oppose the statement, "Keep God in the public sphere"?

A: Strongly oppose

Source: OnTheIssues interview of 2018 Maryland Governor candidate Aug 21, 2018

Ben Jealous: Background rooted in civil rights and social justice

[In a candidate profile on Baltimore CBS Local, Jealous said]: Growing up in a family rooted in civil rights and in social justice has shaped my worldview. My grandmother was a social worker who would teach me that "you can't half-solve a problem, if you do, you still got a problem." My mother made sure I grew up as an activist and an organizer. And come November, as governor when I fight for the rights of working people, it will be because of those same principles my family has lived by for decades.
Source: Baltimore CBS Local on 2018 Maryland Gubernatorial race Jun 13, 2018

Richard Madaleno: Social justice for all people

Source: OnTheIssues interview of 2018 Maryland Governor candidate Jun 1, 2018

Shawn Quinn: Opposes God in the public sphere

Q: Do you support or oppose the statement, "Keep God in the public sphere"?

A: Oppose.

Source: OnTheIssues interview of 2018 Maryland Governor candidate May 13, 2018

Arvin Vohra: Government out of matters of conscience & God

Q: Do you support or oppose the statement, "Keep God in the public sphere"?

A: Strongly oppose. The government should not be involved in matters of conscience at all. I will sponsor legislation to dismantle most or all government agencies, regulations, and taxes. Government should be too small and insignificant for God to need to be a part of it.

Source: OnTheIssues interview of 2018 Maryland Senate candidate Mar 30, 2018

Rob Sobhani: Ran in Republican Senate primary in 1992 and 2002

Sobhani, a former professor at Georgetown University, first ran for Senate in 1992, losing to Alan Keyes in the Republican primary. Since then, Sobhani has dropped his party affiliation. [Sonbhani ran again in 2000 when he lost to candidate Paul Rappaport in the Republican primary].

Sobhani has recently faced obstacles the other candidates, as both Bongino and Cardin have refused to debate against Sobhani. "I think [they don't want to debate against me] because the other candidates are afraid to debate my campaign," Sobhani said. "I'm not the loser in that, the people of Maryland are. I have put together a plan that neither political party can come close to, and that is why they want to avoid debating me."

To date, Sobhani's campaign has spent close to $4 million, the majority of which came from Sobhani, according to the Baltimore Sun.

Source: The Towson Towerlight on 2012 Maryland Senate debate Oct 21, 2012

Rob Sobhani: I'll keep my promises or I won't run for a second term

How often do we hear politicians make promises they never keep? We should be able to expect our representatives to do what they say they'll do. I guarantee that if I don't keep my promises in my first term as Maryland's Senator, I won't run for a second term.
Source: 2012 Senate campaign website, Oct 15, 2012

Rob Sobhani: OpEd: Major-party candidates afraid of debating Sobhani

A broadcast campaign advertisement does not provide enough time to fully explain a dynamic idea, and the major party candidates for U.S. Senate, Democratic incumbent Ben Cardin and Republican Dan Bongino, know it and appear to be intent on keeping independent Rob Sobhani and his supporters quiet. It is interesting that neither Senator Cardin nor Mr. Bongino will debate Mr. Sobhani even though he has had just as strong a showing in the polls as Mr. Bongino. The lack of debate suggests that these two candidates are threatened by Mr. Sobhani's already strong showing and are seeking to squelch his progress by not allowing him exposure to the voting public.
Source: Baltimore Sun on 2012 Maryland Senate debate Oct 15, 2012

Corrogan Vaughn: Experienced as faith-based leader

Corrogan’s experiences as a faith-based leader, as a small business owner, and as a dutiful, long-term employee of a major corporation, have uniquely equipped him to have a positive impact on the political scene in Maryland. He has co-hosted two radio shows, “Lunchtime with the Maryland GOP”, a show designed to familiarize Marylanders with the Republican Party, and “Rockin’ D Vote”, a show designed to increase voter registrations & familiarize the listeners with current political events.
Source: 2006 Senate campaign website, Nov 6, 2006

Corrogan Vaughn: Co-hosted two political radio shows in Maryland

Corrogan has co-hosted two radio shows, “Lunchtime with the Maryland GOP”, a show designed to familiarize Marylanders with the Republican Party, and “Rockin’ D Vote”, a show designed to increase voter registrations, familiarize the listeners with current political events, and bring about the restoration of rights to non violent ex offenders.
Source: 2006 Senate campaign website, Nov 6, 2006

Benjamin Cardin: Would have voted against the Alito nomination

I came out with a position against the confirmation of Judge Alito. The voters of Maryland are entitled to know what standards we will use to evaluate judicial appointments. I probably would’ve voted against Clarence Thomas. I want to make sure that they’re going to protect the consumers. I want to make sure they’re going to protect civil rights. I want to make sure that they’re going to protect the, the people of Maryland against the abuses of government.
Source: 2006 Maryland Senate debate on Meet the Press Oct 29, 2006

Michael Steele: Proud to be a Republican and not running away from the party

Everybody in the world knows I’m a Republican. [So the question is,] what are you going to do as a senator? And part of what I’ve seen in Washington is exactly what’s represented here today. Old Washington, old ways, an old mind-set that polarizes, that wants to say, you know, “When we take control.” You know, how about the country? How about the interest of the country? How about we creating a bipartisan - what I did not hear on the Iraq subject, for example, is a move towards a bipartisan consensus.
Source: 2006 Maryland Senate debate on Meet the Press Oct 29, 2006

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