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Mark Curran: Face hard truth to properly fund benefit programs

Q: How would you guarantee Social Security benefits for future generations?

A: I believe in preserving Social Security. However, if we are to maintain this important benefit, we must face a hard truth: to properly fund these programs we need to balance cutting costs with raising revenue. I am NOT in favor of raising taxes on the middle class to address this shortfall.

Source: AFA iVoterGuide on 2020 Illinois Senate race Nov 3, 2020

Mark Curran: Local pensions invest the majority of money in the market

We must ensure the future solvency of Medicare and Social Security and the solvency concerns related to these agencies are genuine. The Social Security Administration has been buying United States Treasury Bonds for years. Local pensions invest the majority of their investors' money in the market. Another problem these agencies face is the declining birth rate in America. Absent immigrants there will be no future work force to grow the economy and help support our seniors.
Source: Chicago Sun Times on 2020 Illinois Senate race Jan 22, 2020

Anne Stava-Murray: Our state pension debt is underfunded

Our status quo failed flat tax mandate holds Illinois back. We need to fix our pension debt underfunding via financial best practices. Additional revenue is absolutely necessary to solve the pension crisis. Short-term solutions like issuing pension obligation bonds are needed alongside longer-term sources.
Source: Chicago Daily Herald on 2020 Illinois Senate race Oct 22, 2018

Daniel Biss: Help give retirement security to millions of workers

Daniel has taken the initiative to raise and make progress on issues significant to the future of Illinois that would have otherwise gone unaddressed, like helping giving retirement security to millions of Illinois workers and addressing the fast-evolving problem of technology and privacy. He combines the discipline and pragmatism of a math professor with the tenacity of an organizer in everything he does.
Source: 2018 Illinois gubernatorial campaign website Apr 30, 2017

Daniel Biss: Alter public employee pensions to reduce state pension debt

It is questionable whether Biss will enjoy support from organized labor, a traditional Democratic ally. In 2013 he co-sponsored legislation to alter public employee pensions to reduce the state's massive pension debt. The plan was later struck down by the Illinois Supreme Court.
Source: Chicago Tribune on 2018 Illinois gubernatorial race Mar 20, 2017

Raja Krishnamoorthi: Entitlements are under attack on ideological grounds

Social Security and Medicare are two of the most successful programs in our nation's history, moving millions of people out of poverty and enabling them to live their golden years in dignity. Nevertheless, they have been under constant attack by those who oppose those programs on ideological grounds.

Raja believes that Social Security and Medicare are sacred promises that we have made to our senior citizens. He will fight to protect those programs and help secure them for future generations. Now is not the time to shirk our commitment to America's seniors, but rather to strengthen these programs and make sure they exist for the generations yet to come.

First, Raja supports raising the cap on income subject to Social Security withholding, which is currently set at $118,500 per year. Raising the cap could greatly extend the solvency of the Social Security trust fund while ensuring that everyone pays their fair share.

Source: 2016 Illinois House campaign website Nov 8, 2016

Daniel Biss: Allow old age beneficiaries to also receive unemployment

Senator Biss co-sponsored legislation SB1225: Amends the Unemployment Insurance Act. Provides that none of the amount received by an individual as primary social security old age and disability retirement benefits shall constitute disqualifying income.
Source: VoteSmart synopsis of 2015-2016 Illinois voting record Mar 27, 2015

Napoleon Harris: Allow old age beneficiaries to also receive unemployment

Senator Harris co-sponsored legislation SB1225: Amends the Unemployment Insurance Act. Provides that none of the amount received by an individual as primary social security old age and disability retirement benefits shall constitute disqualifying income.
Source: VoteSmart synopsis of 2015-2016 Illinois voting record Mar 27, 2015

Bruce Rauner: Move state pensions towards a defined contribution system

Illinois has the worst pension crisis in America. We cannot secure Illinois' economic future without fundamental reforms to our pension system. We must keep our promise to current retirees, but we put all government workers at risk by continuing to promise a pension no one can afford.

The victims here are both the taxpayers who cannot afford to pay for these pensions and the workers who have been misled by union bosses and career politicians into believing these unsustainable pensions will be there for them.

Source: 2014 Illinois Gubernatorial campaign website Nov 4, 2014

Mike Bost: Opposes efforts to privatize, or increase the payroll tax

Those counting on Social Security and Medicare should not have to worry about the promises that were made to them are kept. Mike opposes efforts to privatize, raise the retirement age or increase the payroll tax.

Congress must work together to prevent the financial collapse of these programs by promoting bipartisan efforts to address systemic problems and ensure its longevity for current and future generations.

Source: 2014 Illinois House campaign website, Nov 4, 2014

Richard Durbin: Simpson-Bowles got it right. put everything on the table

Q: The Democrats want more revenue, Republicans want to deal with the entitlements. Where is there a reason to be hopeful that Congress can get to something meaningful here?

DURBIN: This may be heresy, but I think Simpson-Bowles got it right. Put everything on the table. We know that come ten years from now, Medicare is not sustainable financially. We've got to do something. Why wait ten years to see that reality? We know that Social Security has 20 years or perhaps less. What are we going to do about it today, in a small way, that will give it this longevity. And I have to say to the Republican side, for goodness' sake, we have a tax code that takes $1.3 trillion out of the treasury each year and in that, we cannot find some savings, closing some loopholes, quote, raising revenue? Well, of course we can.

Source: Meet the Press 2013 on 2014 Illinois Senate race Oct 13, 2013

Jim Oberweis: Voted NO on increasing state employees' pension plans

Oberweis voted Nay on SB 1, "Amends State Employees' Pension Plans". Bill Passed Senate 30-22. Vote Smart's Synopsis:
Source: VoteSmart synopsis of Illinois 2013-2014 voting records Mar 20, 2013

Pat Quinn: Balance budget by reforming our public pension systems

Do we want, in the years to come, a prosperous Illinois where working people continue to have good jobs, where businesses thrive, and where all our children have a world-class education? Or do we want to stop the progress and watch our economic recovery stall?

This is a choice about whether we'll make the tough decisions necessary to balance our budget by reforming our public pension systems, or whether we will let our jobs, our safety, and our schools be squeezed out by skyrocketing pension costs.

We have a tall task ahead of us. This is no small issue. And doing what's hard isn't always what's popular at the moment. But, we must remember that hard is not impossible.

We cannot allow our economic recovery to be held hostage by the pension crisis. We simply must act. Our vision for our Illinois cannot be fully realized without pension reform. This problem cannot be delayed, deferred, or delegated to the next session, or to the next generation.

Source: 2013 State of the State speech to Illinois Legislature Feb 6, 2013

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