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Michael Coachman: Preserve right of self-defense without excessive burdens

National security, national sovereignty, public safety, the right of self-defense, the rule of constitutional and statutory law, and civil justice should be preserved without excessive burdens to civil liberty.
Source: 2020 North Dakota gubernatorial campaign website Mar 25, 2020

Doug Burgum: Jail time without rehab is not a cure for addiction

In his first State of the State address, Governor Doug Burgum urged North Dakotans to embrace change; rethink budgeting, education, addiction treatment, tribal relations.

As drug addiction and overdoses take their toll on North Dakota families, Burgum said the state must start treating addiction differently. Sixty-one people died in North Dakota in 2015 from overdoses, and more than $260 million was spent in the past decade on new jails at the city, county and state levels, he noted.

"Many of those in our system are there because of crimes rooted in addiction. Jail time without rehab is not a cure for addiction," Burgum said. "We need to start treating addiction like the chronic disease that it is. By moving resources upstream, we will save lives and save money."

Source: 2017 State of the State address to North Dakota Legislature Jan 3, 2017

Eliot Glassheim: Supports death penalty & alternatives for non-violent crimes

Q: Do you support capital punishment for certain crimes?

A: Yes; terrorism and heinous slaughterer should warrant the death penalty..

Q: Do you support alternatives to incarceration for certain non-violent offenders such as mandatory counseling or substance abuse treatment?

A: Yes.

Source: VoteSmart 2016 North Dakota Political Courage Test Aug 8, 2016

Marvin Nelson: Asked attorney general to spend more time fighting crime

We have this crime wave going on. We have gangs, we have shootings, we have burglaries, we have armed robberies; I can't even find a convenience store in a rural area that's open after 11 o'clock at night, because nobody wants to sit there and get robbed. All those towns and all those counties out west now are doing massive cuts to their law enforcement because they don't have the money to keep funding it. The attorney general really should be spending his time on that.
Source: Grand Forks Herald on 2016 North Dakota governor race Jun 25, 2016

Wayne Stenehjem: Launched state's sex offender website

Source: 2016 North Dakota Governor campaign website, Dec 10, 2015

Jack Dalrymple: No use of drones for criminal investigations