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Not right to sue Arizona for trying to protect themselves

I want to share with you my three guiding principles so you know what type of leader I will be. Three of my guiding principles that have guided my life; guided the decisions I made when I was running companies; and guided my family.
Source: 2011 Faith and Freedom Conference Jun 4, 2011

Secure our borders; enforce our laws

Americans have embraced their role as the world's premier "melting pot," welcoming immigrants from every corner of the planet. We readily learn about other cultures, customs and beliefs. We appreciate those who are willing to come to this country and mak America a more vibrant and enriched place.

Americans do resent, however, the willingness of some to circumvent our laws and enter our nation illegally. While many, if not most, illegal immigrants are peaceful people simply seeking to provide for their families, some are not. In fact, some are quite dangerous, jeopardizing the safety and well-being of American citizens.

Illegal immigration also puts a tremendous strain on America's entitlement and health care systems. In fact, several hospitals in the U.S. have declared bankruptcy as a result of the costs of caring for illegal immigrants.

We must secure our borders, enforce our laws and promote the existing path to citizenship.

Source: Campaign website, www.hermancain.com/ "Issues" May 21, 2011

Where's the fence? Not in the Immigration Bill!

The Comprehensive Immigration Bill debated in the Senate last week was dead on arrival. Most regular folks kept screaming, "Where's the fence?"

The Immigration Bill was supposed to be good compromise legislation. It is just bad legislation with different agendas glued together, while not emphasizing enough of the public's number one priority - the fence! Not just wire, wood and concrete, but all the technologies we have available to stop the rampant inflow of illegal aliens into this country.

Source: Political column, THE New Voice, "Immigration Bill" Jun 11, 2007

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